Complete guidelines for CBD extraction

At present, more than 70 cannabinoids have been isolated from cannabis plants, among which CBD (cannabis diphenol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) have the highest CBD content and are isomers. The significant difference between CBD and THC is that THC is hallucinogenic addiction, while CBD is not hallucinogenic addiction, and it also inhibits the toxicity. It has prominent effects in analgesia, sleeping, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, neuroprotection, anti-anxiety, anti-cancer, liver protection and anti-diabetes.

With the extensive research on the efficacy of CBD, its downstream applications are becoming more and more abundant. CBD can be used as skin care products, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, acne and acne removal; CBD can be used as a medical treatment, and has mature products in the treatment of seizure and multiple sclerosis (MS) – English company GW has developed the Stativex and Epidiolex drugs with CBD as the main component; CBD can be used in food, with calming and sleep quality improving functions.

CBD is useful obviously so how to gain CBD from cannabis plants? Is there any other way to get CBD besides directly from plants?

1. CBD Extraction

Generally speaking, you can get CBD from the following cannabis plants:

Hemp, also known as cannabis, it contains less than 0.3% THC and does not show mental activity.

Marijuana, the drug cannabis, contains more than 0.5% THC, which can produce strong psychoactive and addictive characteristics.

Medical hemp, its content of THC ranges from 0.3% to 0.5%, which shows a tendency of medicinal use.

One of the preconditions for extracting CBD from cannabis plants is to reduce THC content as much as possible. Therefore, the THC content must be controlled from the source. That is, cannabis plants should be with as little THC content as possible and as much CBD content as possible, like hemp. So, how to extract CBD from industrial hemp? At present, the common methods are solvent extraction, supercritical CO2 extraction, olive oil extraction and so on.

2. CBD Chemical Synthesis

1. Traditional synthesis methods of CBD

Traditional synthesis methods of CBD

  • Catalyst: boron trifluoride
  • Yield: 41%
  • Disadvantages: low yield, high impurities; complex, high cost

2. Optimal synthesis of CBD

Optimal synthesis of CBD

  • Catalyst: Palladium
  • Yield: 74%
  • Highlights: The catalyst is replaced by palladium to reduce by-products, with high purity and high yield.

Because of the complex molecular space configuration of CBD, the yield of traditional synthesis methods is low (only about 40%) and a large number of by-products will be produced, which has great limitations in extraction. Although pure CBD can be obtained by optimizing the synthesis method, the yield has also been improved (74%), but the new method is still in the laboratory stage, and the synthetic conditions need to be improved. High industrialization costs are too high to meet the market requirements.

3. CBD Biosynthesis

On February 28, 2019, a paper entitled Complete biosynthesis of cannabinoids and their unnatural analogues in yeast, published by Dr. Luo Xiaozhou, a research group of Jay Keasling at the University of California, Berkeley, elaborated on the study of CBD biosynthesis by pouring CBD-related gene fragments from plants into yeast. The yeast was modified and amplified to realize the total biosynthesis of cannabinoid and its non-natural derivatives.

CBD Biosynthesis

The mevalonate pathway of Saccharomyces cerevisiae was modified with galactose as raw material. A metabolic pathway for hexanoyl-CoA synthesis was introduced. Cannabinoid biosynthesis was completed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by using exogenous genes and key catalytic enzymes from different species. The heterologous reconstitution of the synthetic pathway has led to the total biosynthesis of several major cannabinoids and their derivatives, including cannabinoid phenolic acid (CBGA), tetrahydrocannabinol (THCA) and cannabinol (CBDA). The metabolic pathway is as follows:

CBD Biosynthesis

Several companies seize the market and are optimistic about the prospect of commercialization

As early as 2017, when Jay Keasling applied for a patent for this method, he collaborated with Demetrix, a biotechnology startup, to introduce the process from laboratory to commercial production, using technology to produce the rarest cannabinoid at a reasonable price, and to reduce production costs to less than $1,000 per kilogram. Hyasynth, headquartered in Montreal, also wants a slice of the pie after accepting a million-dollar investment from Canadian cannabis dealer OrganiGram to speed up its own biosynthetic cannabis promotion.

CBD Biosynthesis

Difficulties in Commercialization of CBD Biosynthesis

Biosynthesis is the result of the human genome project that began in the 1990s, creating a variety of things, including biofuels, medicines and even clothing fibers, by altering the genes of simple microorganisms such as yeast, bacteria, molds, lichens and fungi. Biosynthesis is considered to be a cheaper way to obtain cannabinoid concentrates, but there are still difficulties:

  • Yield problem: At present, the production of biosynthetic CBD is only 10 mg/L. To realize industrialization, it may need to expand 1000 times. (At present, the biosynthesis yield of artemisinin with industrial conditions reaches 25 g/L.
  • Technical issues: Biosynthetic engineering bacteria require dozens of gene loci modification, which is difficult to control, and maintaining the stability of the bacteria is also a problem.


What is the background of the cannabis company invested twice by Li Ka-shing?


CBD extraction technology aims at improving the extraction rate and purity of CBD, removing THC residues as far as possible, avoiding the use of toxic organic solvents, ensuring the safety and environmental protection of products, and reducing costs as much as possible. Current CBD acquisition methods are still dominated by highly mature extraction methods, while chemical synthesis faces many challenges such as high cost and complex process. Biosynthesis may be worth further exploring.

gippro acquired strategic investment by Meilleure Health to develop CBD business globally

Japanese vape brand gippro announced the acquisition of strategic investment by Meilleure Health International (02327.HK) on August 12.

After this financing round, gippro will continue to consolidate its existing business, accelerate product development iteration and sales channel building, and strengthen the vape marketing and promotion ability at home and abroad.


At the same time, the two sides signed a joint venture agreement to jointly establish a Japanese operating company, engaged in research and development of atomization technology for healthy raw materials such as Cannabidiol (CBD), as well as brand operation and sales of related electronic atomization products, thus opening up the global industrial strategic development of the industrial cannabis part.

In recent years, the fever of industrial cannabis has not decreased, and the process of legalization of industrial cannabis has been accelerating all over the world. Cannabinoid will be widely used in medical and consumer fields. Among them, CBD vaping oil is one of the most mature health scenarios for cannabinoid application.

gippro is an electronic cigarette brand founded in Tokyo, Japan. It has mature and advanced experience in electronic atomization technology and electronic consumer equipment and supply chain resources. It has closed 10 million RMB Angel financing round in July 2018.


Meilleure International is an international industrial group listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange market. Its business covers the fields of healthy life, health care and hemp health.

The joint venture is based on the application of atomization technology. It’s also based on the good prospects of CBD in the Japanese health market and excellent policy environment. Research, development, production and operation of an internationalized electronic atomization equipment brand with cannabinoid with its featured healthy raw material, is another important measure for the global distribution of cannabis by Meilleure Health.

Why is CBD vape the future of cigarettes

Although entertainment hemp, medical hemp, CBD (Cannabidiol) are used in many ways in USA and Europe, vape (also known as electronic cigarette, atomizer, vaporizer) is one of the most popular intake ways in the market for many reasons.

cbd vape

What is a vaporizer

The vaporizer in Europe and America was first used to evaporate cannabis. It started with desktop devices and then introduced a more convenient handheld device, the vape pen. The vape pen includes an atomizer, a battery pack, a suction tank and a button for starting the device. The operation is very simple. The user needs to suck in the mouthpiece while pressing the button to activate the battery, thus heating the atomizer, which evaporates the powder, tobacco or liquid in the bin. This is similar to the common electronic cigarettes in China.


Why is cannabis vaporizer so popular

Compared with traditional methods, cannabis atomization devices are popular because they provide an easier, healthier and more convenient intake way to eating cannabis – using cannabis extracts or dried flowers through various devices.

This kind of evaporation cannabis has many advantages. For example, compared with combustion, evaporation is healthier for the body. Vape devices produce cleaner and healthier steam through complex processes, and the carcinogens and tar in steam are greatly reduced.

In a 2010 study, 20 volunteers who regularly used cannabis were given vaporizer for one month. Respiratory tract infection occurred in 8 cases. Twelve cases reported improvement of pulmonary irritation and corresponding improvement of pulmonary function and bronchial tract.

cbd vape

CBD vaporizer’s market is immeasurable

According to a recent study by Cowen & Co Investment Bank, a large number of respondents indicated that they were using CBD vaporizer (electronic cigarette) as a way of CBD intake, mainly for pain relief and anti-inflammation. What’s more interesting, the market value forecast analysts believe that the market will generate $16 billion in the next six years. Compared with $600 million to $2 billion in 2018, it has huge growth potential. The legitimacy of the U.S. federal government is a major impediment to growth.

California is the largest market for entertainment cannabis with the vaporizer for cannabis concentrate, as one of the most preferred forms. And the whole cannabis industry is moving towards evaporation. According to BDS statistics, vaporizer is becoming more and more popular in other states in the United States, with sales of vaporizer deviceds increasing by 69% in 2018.

cbd vape

Through vape pen, THC is more convenient to use, and users no longer need to worry about the odor of burning and the stealth of cannabis. According to Substance Use and Misuse magazine, 35% to 46% of people use vaporizer based on secrecy, while 29% to 42% use it for convenience. A study in the JAMA shows that evaporation produces a stronger effect (bioavailability) at the same dosage.

Based on CBD bioavailability study, the absorption rate of human body through atomization is 34-46%. When taken in the form of oral tincture, only 10% of CBD is absorbed by human body. In addition to absorptivity, inhalation helps treat acute symptoms and can be felt within a minute or two, usually lasting for several hours. The effect of oral CBD oil can last for 4 hours or longer, but the onset time is much slower than that of inhalation, which takes about 30-90 minutes.

With the vigorous development of cannabis market, cannabis is increasingly used in the medical field to treat Parkinson’s disease, some types of cancer, arthritis and many other serious mental diseases. It is also suitable for chronic pain management in elderly and seriously ill patients. These factors will greatly increase the demand for CBD applications in the next few years.

cbd vape

CBD vape is not only a substitute for cigarettes, but also a treatment for nicotine addiction.

Dr. Tom Freeman, a senior academic fellow at King’s College London, and Professor Yasmin Hurd, director of the Institute of Internet Addiction at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, both said that CBD is expected to be a new treatment for tobacco addicts.

The danger of smoking has long been known. Despite the continued decline in smoking over the past 10 years, there are still about 37 million adults in the United States who smoke, more than 16 million of whom have smoking-related health problems. It is also well known that quitting smoking is not easy, and nicotine addiction is the culprit. Thanks to the frontier research, we now know that CBD can help smokers get rid of this bad habit once and for all.

Principle of CBD in the Treatment of Smoking Addiction

CBD is beneficial to the treatment of nicotine addiction because of its effect on memory. When people form new memories, they are responsible for a process called memory integration. New memory first needs to form short-term memory, and then eventually into long-term memory. In this process, the “memory trace” is left. Scientists believe that CBD gives us the ability to erase or modify it.

When you ingest nicotine through cigarettes, it releases dopamine, a powerful neurotransmitter, which is why you feel happy every time you smoke. As you consume more and more nicotine, the brain continues to create more memories, linking happiness to nicotine consumption, leading to addiction. In the case of nicotine addiction, the brain constantly craves it to release more dopamine, and consuming more CBD helps to suppress desire by affecting this part of memory. CBD also helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking cessation. Many people who quit smoking face many withdrawal symptoms, such as vomiting, nausea, irritability, insomnia and anxiety.

cbd vape

Although only one study has studied the effects of CBD on nicotine addiction, the results are promising. The study, conducted by University College London, showed that CBD oil was effective in curbing nicotine addiction. The study involved 24 subjects in a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study, who were divided into two equal groups. One group was given placebo, while the other group was given CBD oil through an evaporator.

The results showed that there was no change in smoking habits in the placebo group, but the CBD oil group reduced smoking by an average of 40%. “We found that CBD seems to reduce the incidence of smoking addiction and anxiety, and may affect what is known as a reinforcing memory process, which reduces the pleasure of seeing someone smoking cigarettes,” the researchers said.

CBD vape is the best way to treat nicotine addiction

If you want to quit smoking with CBD, CBD can be ingested through capsules, tinctures or food. First of all, according to existing studies, CBD is highly safe and has few side effects. But the best strategy is to start with a smaller dose, especially when you feel extra tension, or when you are tempted or stimulated around, and usually let you reach for the cigarette. Vaporizer is the right choice for smokers, because it also helps to stop the “mouth addiction”.

cbd vape

CBD vape/ e-cigarette market in China

China is the country with the largest number of smokers in the world. As of 2018, the number of smokers in China was 306 million, and the sales of cigarettes amounted to 144.5 billion yuan, accounting for 44.6% of global cigarette consumption. According to the analysis report of China Tobacco Products Industry Market Demand Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning released by Prospective Industry Research Institute, in 2017, the global vape consumers reached 35 million people, and the sales of e-tobacco reached 12 billion US dollars, 13 times higher than in 2010, with an annual compound growth rate of about 45%.

cbd vape

It is believed that many Chinese people have tried many smoking cessation therapies: from nicotine patches, nicotine e-cigarettes, chewing gum to hypnosis, some people have overcome the addiction by willpower alone, but after all, it is a minority. CBD vape and e juice have a huge natural market in China. Although China currently does not allow the production of CBD e-liquid, there are many domestic manufacturers of CBD electronic cigarette hardware devices aiming at the market, of which Guangdong and Shenzhen companies account for more than half. Although they mainly export this hardware in international trade for the time being, in the near future, once China’s CBD policy is liberalized, these enterprises will have the advantage of leading the way.

CBD, as a potent cannabinoid in medical field, plays an irreplaceable role and value in anti-spasm, anti-anxiety, sedation, anti-insomnia, anti-vomiting, anti-inflammatory, anti-epilepsy, anti-tumor, neuroprotection, cardiovascular protection, liver protection, anti-bacteria, metabolism and immune regulation. If the e-cigarettes have rich CBD inside and do not nicotine or other carcinogens. It is believed that the health of Chinese smokers will be further protected.

How to Buy CBD Oil: 5 Step Buying Guide

CBD Vape that took US and Europe by storm, is now available in HK

Vape lovers have a better choice available now.  Sanai Health Industry Group has introduced the UK CBD brand, INFINITYTM by Dr. Adams Laboratories, to Hong Kong as its sole distributor.  And has launched the INFINITYTM high concentration formula CBD vape oil this month.  The industrial hemp used for manufacturing the INFINITYTM vape oil are cultivated in licensed plantation in Europe.  And all INFINITYTM vape oil are manufactured in GMP or ISO9001 certified plants in UK to meet the highest quality standards.  Each batch of INFINITYTM vape oil must go through various stringent tests in two independent certified laboratories to ensure the products are of the best quality, and free from THC in order to fully comply with the laws in Hong Kong.  Apart from the CBD vape oil, INFINITYTM also offers skincare products and health supplement products.


Sanai Health Industry Group is listed in the main board of SEHK, stock code:  Apart from its devotion to the CBD business, the Company also owns its GMP certified pharmaceutical factory, pharmaceutical trading company, genetic testing laboratory, finance leasing company.


“Sanai Health is thrilled to be appointed as the sole distributor of the UK INFINITYTM CBD products.  Dr. Adams Laboratories has laid down stringent measures to ensure that all INFINITYTM CBD products can comply with the relevant laws and regulations in Hong Kong. We are devoted to promote the benefits of CBD to consumers in Asia, and we are collaborating with major universities in research and development of new CBD products.”, said Fred Cheng, executive director of Sanai Health.

What’s CBD (Cannabidiol) and its benefits?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 113 identified cannabinoids naturally found in industrial hemp. It is one of the most versatile and effective nutrients that addresses numbers of common health problems:

  1. Relieve anxiety, mental stressand protect our nervous system;
  2. Relieve pain, including muscle, joint, physiological pain
  3. Relievesymptoms of allergies

Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. CBD is totally legal to be used in Hong Kong, if the products do not contain THC.


Product Range

CBD 500mg/10ml (HK$800)

CBD 1,000mg/10ml (HK$1,200)

CBD 1,500mg/10ml (HK$1,800)


Who needs it?

  1. People with sleep disorder problems
  2. People stressed out at work and study.
  3. People pursuing better quality of life.
  4. People quitting tobacco and nicotine.


Where to buy?

Experience Centre:

Room 1016, 10/F, Landmark North, 39 Lung Sum Avenue, Sheung Shui, N.T, HK

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 6 pm.

Inquiry Hotline:  +852 3841 7700 and +852 3841 7711

Sanai Health Industry Group

PS: CBD Companies like KOI, Sundayscaries who want to develop the Asian market now can contact Sanai Health Industry Group for collaborations.

What’s CBD, is it legal in China?

English name: Cannabidiol (CBD)

Character: Light yellow resin or crystallization


Cannabis diphenol (CBD) is the main chemical constituent of cannabis, a medicinal plant. It is extracted from female cannabis plants and is a non-addictive component of cannabis. It has anti-spasmodic, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and other pharmacological effects.

cbd thc

CBD can not only treat a variety of difficult diseases, but also effectively eliminate the hallucinogenic effect of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on human body, known as “anti-marijuana compound”.

The advent of CBD

In fact, as early as 1940, CBD was separated from Mexican and Indian cannabis by Adams and Todd, about 20 years before the discovery of THC.

Many good things happened, because of the limitation of the experimental conditions at that time, there were mistakes in the determination of CBD structure. It was not until 1963 that Mechoulam and Shvo determined its exact chemical structures, which are now commonly used CBD structures.

cbd thc

Since then, Santavy discovered the three-dimensional structure of CBD in 1964 and published its relevant data. Jones determined the crystal structure of CBD in 1977 and reported two independent stereostructures of CBD. Since then, people’s understanding and research on CBD has been on the right track.

Understanding the Medical Value of CBD

Key words: calming, protection

The application of CBD in medical field is mainly based on its protective effect on nervous system. It has stable heredity and good pharmacokinetic properties. Scientists have synthesized a series of CBD analogues through continuous modification of CBD structure. These analogues have different pharmacological activities and can act on different diseases.

cbd thc

Medical Application of CBD

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory: CBD exerts analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting both cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase, and its effect is stronger than aspirin, which is well known and widely used.

Antiepilepsy: GABA neurotransmitters in the human brain have sedative effects and inhibit the excitability of the brain center. CBD can help control GABA neurotransmitter consumption, inhibit brain excitation, reduce epileptic seizures, and also help improve the efficacy of other antiepileptic drugs.

Anti-anxiety: Endogenous cannabinoid is an important substance that helps depressive patients reduce anxiety, which exists in the human body. CBD can help maintain a reasonable level of endocannabinoid, make patients feel good and happy, and not as addicted as THC.

cbd thc

Achievements of CBD Application in Medical Field

Charlotte’s Story

One of the most famous stories about the medical application of CBD happened in the United States. An American girl named Charlotte had frequent epilepsy due to congenital Dravet syndrome. At the age of three, her epilepsy seizures had reached 300 times a week, equivalent to one attack every half an hour.

In 2011, Charlotte’s parents took the risk of imprisonment and tried her CBD, a cannabis extract . A year later, Charlotte’s epilepsy seizures had been controlled only four times a month, and she basically lived a normal girl’s life.

According to incomplete statistics, in the United States, medicinal cannabis with high CBD content benefits at least 10,000 families every year. With the deepening of scientific research, the number is still rising.

Neonatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (NHIE)

In 2015, GW Pharmaceutical Company developed an intravenous injection using CBD, which has been awarded the Orphan Drug Designation (Orphan Drug Designation) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (NHIE).

Note: Rare diseases refer to diseases that only one in 2,000 people will get and cannot be treated.

Epilepsy Sample Test at New York University

In 2015, the Langone Medical Center of New York University organized 313 patients with severe epilepsy to be treated with CBD liquid.

Data after 12 weeks of treatment showed that 27% of patients had a 50% reduction in the number of attacks, and 9% had no attacks. At the same time, CBD is well tolerated, with only 4% of patients discontinuing medication due to side effects.

Note: Tolerance refers to an adaptive state and outcome of the body’s response to drugs.

cbd thc

“Special Contribution Award” in Cannabis Industry

As a plant with high medicinal value, cannabis has been difficult to be accepted by law and morality for a long time, mainly because of its addictive and hallucinogenic effects, such as THC.

In the early 1970s, it was found that CBD did not possess the same biological activity as THC, but could antagonize the nervous activity of THC in human body.

People began to face up to the other side of cannabis as an angel and strengthen its application in medical field, which indirectly promoted the legalization process of medicinal cannabis worldwide.

From this point of view, the cannabis industry should really award a “Special Contribution Award” to CBD.



Before writing the article, I’ve searched CBD in online Taobao in China. Amazingly, I found CBD is listed legally there. Those CBD oil products are mainly manufactured and shipped from the USA.

CBD is being sold online in the most famous Chinese online store in China – July 24th, 2019

It’s a signal – CBD is getting more and more popular. It’s legal to be sold in China now.

Update: August 8th, 2019

I consulted a lawyer, he said it’s illegal in China, here is what he said:”
不允许销售产品包括但不限于: 1)毒品:如鸦片、吗啡、大麻、杜冷丁、古柯、可卡因、海洛因、冰毒、摇头丸、K粉、咖啡因、三唑仑等; 2)非正规出版的毒品提取或生产工艺、技术书籍等资料; 3)易制毒化学品:如麻黄素、伪麻黄素、去甲麻黄素、消旋麻黄素、甲基麻黄素、麻黄浸膏、麻黄浸膏粉等合并成麻黄素类物质;黄樟油、三氯甲烷;麦角胺;用于制造海洛因的主要易制毒化学品醋酸酐;制造苯丙胺类兴奋剂的主要易制毒化学品麻黄素、伪麻黄素、去甲麻黄素、1-苯基-2-丙酮、苯乙酸等;制造摇头丸的主要易制毒化学品3,4-亚甲基二氧苯基-2-丙酮、黄樟脑、异黄樟脑、黄樟油、胡椒醛;制造可卡因的主要易制毒化学品高锰酸钾;制造致幻剂LSD的主要易制毒化学品麦角酸、麦角胺、麦角新碱;制造安眠酮的主要易制毒化学品N-乙酰邻氨基苯酸、邻氨基苯甲酸;也有制毒所需的甲苯、丙酮、甲基乙基酮、乙醚等溶剂等; 4)致瘾性药物:如美沙酮、阿片酊等。”
You can translate it in Google translate:
According to the law, the CBD abroad is not officially produced drug extraction, which is illegal.
I also talked with the Taobao official. They said it’s not legal. Though there are sellers on Taobao, they’ll delete their listing once found by the official.
However, there are always a few sellers there. And according to the largest China forum, the demand for CBD is high. Many buyers are asking about where to buy but got no answer. Only a few people said they can help to buy it abroad.
The CBD is in the grey area. High profit, high risk, selling it means rich or sentenced to death.
I’m hesitating at the door at the moment, watching the things going.