What should we pay attention to when using CBD? CBD beginner’s guide

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants the U.S. public to know that cannabis bisphenol (CBD) is a non hallucinogenic component of cannabis plants, but perhaps the impact of CBD on health is not as magical as it is said.

FDA released its latest report on the official website (FDA. Gov) on July 17, discussing the popular cannabinoid, CBD, and trying to eliminate the concept of “zero risk pharmaceutical miracle” for consumers.

The FDA said it was collecting data from health professionals, hemp industry representatives and medical patients, hoping to learn more about how CBD can be used to treat various diseases. At present, there are many questions about the science, safety and quality of CBD products to be answered, the FDA wrote.

Studies have shown that CBD is at risk for liver dysfunction.

FDA acknowledges that it has not really understood the potential health risks and benefits of CBD. However, damage to the liver is one of the side effects found in limited research.

FDA acknowledges that it has not really understood the potential health risks and benefits of CBD. However, damage to the liver is one of the side effects found in limited research.

During the clinical trial of epidilex, an antiepileptic CBD drug approved by the FDA for the U.S. market in 2018, researchers found that the drug caused liver disease in some patients.

“We identified certain risks of CBD, including the possibility of liver injury,” the FDA wrote.

It is understood that Epidilex drugs are not pure CBD, and the concentration of CBD in FMCG in the US market is also different. According to GW pharmaceuticals, the prescription contains dehydrated alcohol, sesame seed oil, strawberry flavor and sucralose. However, almost 100% of CBD (98% pure oil soluble CBD extract) in this drug comes from cannabis plants, rather than what many people think is synthesized in the laboratory. It avoids the possibility of the negative impact of the synthetic CBD.

tive impact of the synthetic CBD.

In addition to studies using epidiolex and the liver, other studies have found that high doses of CBD may cause damage.

Last month, Forbes published a study in medical science at the University of Arkansas that found that high doses of CBD can cause liver damage in mice within 24 hours. Many animals will die or near death within three to four days. The doses used in this study are indeed extreme – 615mg / kg is “scaling CBD to mice at the maximum tolerable dose”.

Although it is necessary to measure the amount of liver injury in mice, the amount of epilepsy patients in the United States is now worthy of vigilance. This is why doctors need to monitor the presence of enzymes in the liver of these patients based on Epidiolex‘s prescription information. In clinical trials, 5% to 20% of people had liver problems. Some patients were even permanently removed from the study to prevent further escalation of the damage.

on Epidiolex's

According to a report from stat news, in Colorado, even if cannabis is now legalized, the use of medical marijuana in any case requires doctors to detect the level of enzymes in the liver of patients at any time.

Maybe the threat is real.

In addition, the US FDA wrote in a press release that common side effects associated with the CBD rich epidilex include drowsiness, loss of appetite, diarrhea, rashes, fatigue, weakness and so on. More serious side effects can even lead to suicidal thoughts, emotional agitation, depression and panic.

So what about CBD health care products derived from industrial hemp?

The CBD snacks, essential oil and other consumer products that Americans use now are unlikely to cause liver damage, because these products are lower than Epidiolex’s CBD content. But we are not sure whether the risk will increase when the measurement reaches a certain level. After all, there are many other herbal supplements on the market that do some damage to the liver.


CBD may not cure cancer

The FDA also wants U.S. consumers to know that many CBD products currently sold at grocery stores, gas stations, health food stores or medical marijuana dispensaries are not approved. CBD products sold by CVS or Walgreens are also not considered drugs.

Up to now, Epidiolex is the only CBD drug in the United States to obtain this privilege. GW pharmaceuticals has spent several years to prove to FDA that its drugs can safely and effectively control the frequency of epileptic seizures.

However, throughout the process, FDA can determine that Epidilex is only available for the treatment of two rare types of childhood epilepsy: Lennox Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Other health implications are unclear.

CBD may not cure cancer

Epidiolex is not a universal treatment even for epileptics. The drug is only effective in 32% of patients.

However, this does not prevent the industrial hemp industry from trying to convince the public that CBD can alleviate pain, get rid of anxiety and depression, bring a healthy heart and even protect against cancer. The U.S. FDA is concerned that all unconfirmed claims about how CBD can cure or alleviate various diseases will give consumers unrealistic hope.

only effective in 32% of patients.

FDA believes that misleading and false statements related to CBD products may lead consumers to miss the correct diagnosis, treatment and care. For some companies that sell CBD products and claim that they can prevent or treat cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, mental illness and diabetes, the FDA gives serious warnings.

FDA credibility

At the same time, consumers should also understand that the FDA is not infallible in its performance of protecting the public safety of food and drugs.

The agency approved several prescription drugs over the years and was recalled several years, or even decades later. For example, some opioid analgesics, ADHD drugs, cholesterol drugs and antihistamines are finally removed from the shelves after causing serious adverse reactions or even life-threatening.

A study published in 2017 found that nearly a third of all FDA approved drugs between 2001 and 2010 were relabeled as “unsafe.”

“A key issue for all new drugs and technologies is that the learning process will continue throughout the life cycle of the drug.” Dr Nicholas S. Downing, the author, told CNN.

According to the FDA, drugs can only be completely removed from the market “when the risk outweighs the benefit.” What is considered to be public safety today may also cause damage in the future. Maybe that’s why the latest poll shows that only 44% of the public approve of the FDA. Many Americans don’t even believe any medical evidence provided by the FDA.

On the other hand, we know little about CBD. More research is needed before we start to really weigh the advantages and disadvantages of CBD as a cannabinoid and measure its medicinal function.

CBD as a cannabinoid and measure its medicinal function

For those considering using CBD to help them get rid of serious diseases, the best advice is to consult their family doctor, oncologist or other experts to ensure that they do not put their health at risk.

Instead of blindly following the trend to buy CBD.

Cannabis derivatives are safer than other drugs, but we still need to understand the cannabinoid, CBD, before we can say without doubt that CBD has been fully evaluated from safety to effectiveness, from pain relief to cancer treatment.

Patients with depression in the dark, accept the light of CBD

We can’t see the world in the eyes of patients with depression.

On October 14, South Korean actress Choi Shirley was found dead at home, ending her life at the age of 25.

Depression patients in the dark, accept the light of CBD

At the same time that the public mourned and criticized Cui Xueli’s entertainment circle system, depression caused a wide discussion again. This kind of topic seems to attract a wide range of attention every other time. In August 2014, actor Robin Williams committed suicide due to depression

Robin Williams committed suicide due

In September 2016, Qiao Renliang committed suicide due to depression

Qiao Renliang

In July 2017, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park hanged himself

(Linkin Park)Chester Bennington

In December 2017, Kim Jong Hyun, a SHINee member of the South Korean men’s League, committed suicide at the age of 27


In June 2018, Anthony Bourdain, American Chef and TV producer, hanged himself.

Anthony Bourdain

In addition, Kurt Cobain, the lead singer and guitarist of Nirvana, Zhang Guorong, the writer Sanmao, Chen Baiqiang and other public figures all died of depression.

But public exposure is just the tip of the iceberg for depression. When we are busy enjoying our life and complaining about little things occasionally, some people live in real darkness.

Depression is mainly manifested as: long-lasting depression, lack of self-confidence, withdraw from the crowd, physiological disorders, sleep disorders, appetite surge or decline, etc.

Just as Cui Xueli always publishes her smiling face on social networks, patients with expression always shows the healthy and happy side to outsiders. So we don’t realize that people around us have related tendencies, but we think that he or she should just encounter something bad. Robin Williams once said: I think the saddest people always try their best to bring laughter to others, because they know what it’s like to feel worthless, but they don’t want to bring it to others.

“Not afraid to die, but afraid to live?” It’s a feeling that people often express. And many people who have achieved “utilitarian success” should have enjoyed a better life. Why would they choose to end their passionate life?

So far, the causes of depression are various: the original family, work pressure, personality, drug abuse and so on.

CBD has the potential to help hundreds of millions of patients

More than 300 million people around the world are struggling with this kind of invisible heart disease, all ages. Every year, 800000 people choose to commit suicide because of depression. The World Health Organization predicts that by 2020, depression is likely to become the second largest disease in the world after heart disease.

However, less than half of patients choose treatment. In addition to the traditional cognitive therapy and VR therapy brought by new drug treatment technology, more and more people take cannabis diphenol as an adjuvant therapy.

Cannabis bisphenol (CBD) is a kind of cannabinoid in cannabis plant, which has no mental activity. In recent years, CBD has been widely used in medical treatment because of its chemical characteristics. Epilepsy, inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, insomnia, and chronic physical pain are all symptoms that can be alleviated through CBD. For decades, the World Health Organization’s drug dependence Committee of WTO has provided a series of evidences to prove the relationship between CBD and mental health. Animal and human studies have shown that CBD can reduce loneliness, autism symptoms and PTSD. CBD can make the brain calm and support the hippocampus, which is a vital area of the brain for healthy emotion and memory.

A 2012 randomized clinical trial examined the role of CBD in mental illness, and found that the way CBD can reduce social anxiety can be compared with two specialized drugs, ipsapiron and diazepam (Valium).

In this study, 40 volunteer patients were treated with CBD or other psychoactive drugs. Both treatments can help patients relieve symptoms, while patients taking CBD have much fewer side effects: common problems such as exercise, weight gain or hormonal imbalance do not occur.

In 2013, researchers from the University of London published a study on psychopharmacology, which showed that CBD can effectively eliminate the fear, anxiety and other symptoms of mental patients.

The researchers gathered 48 mental patients who participated in the experiment and made them curious to touch the color box. When they touch the box, they will have an electric shock. After receiving the electric shock, these people with mental illness will have a fear.

Researchers, after taking CBD drugs to these patients with panic and emotional instability for a period of time, their mood stabilizes (CBD drugs make the mental patients stable, the effect is different from that of tranquilizing drugs, and they will not go to sleep immediately), that is to say, CBD can effectively alleviate and eliminate, and produce physiological reactions such as fear and anxiety due to external stimulation of mental patients.

CBD and anxiety

Another unhealthy mental state, anxiety disorder, may not be called a disease. But as modern people, it’s really too hard not to be anxious at all.

Behind anxiety lies a greater mental health crisis.

Anxiety is a kind of emotional state, and its inner experience is nervous, worried, scared, etc. these emotions are painful and imminent. In the American diagnostic criteria of mental disorders, anxiety disorders are also divided into post-traumatic stress disorder, acute stress disorder, cognitive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety and other diseases.

A Spanish study suggests that CBD may affect serotonin levels in anxiety patients faster than antidepressants. Researchers have shown that in people with anxiety disorder, the area of hippocampal neurons is smaller than that in normal people, and that CBD contributes to the regeneration and repair of hippocampal neurons. This has something in common with the treatment of depression by CBD.

For modern people, the importance of mental health began to be aware and concerned. In fact, depression is very likely to be cured, and the combination of psychotherapy and drug therapy will speed up the treatment. The most important thing is that the patient and the people around him should not give up.

As to the current antidepressant activity of CBD in China, tell it like it is, it’s stagnant. Because CBD is illegal in China. Selling this thing related to hemp may lead to a death sentence, quite dangerous.