The Advantages of CBD Tincture Oil

Based on the cannabis prohibition and the allied research limitations, there is less evidence from the human studies to assist in the advantages of CBD tincture oil. But the CBD legalization in certain parts of the globe has made research in this domain gain its momentum. 

Simply put, CBD is one of the various molecules that is present in the cannabis plant. The CBD tincture oil usually comprises low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a compound known to cause a mental high. Today, people have been using CBD tincture oil for various medical conditions, and they haven’t witnessed the THC “high” side effects. Usually, people don’t have any side effects after using CBD. To know more about CBD tincture oil and other CBD products, you can check out 

CBD doesn’t bind to the cannabinoid receptors, unlike THC. And these receptors are the primary components of our endocannabinoid system that plays an interesting role in our central nervous system. The endocannabinoids are the signaling molecules that help in regulating multiple processes, like memory, pain, immunity, stress and mood. 

Some of the best advantages of CBD tincture oil are:

  • Helps in epilepsy

The very first CBD-based medicine approved by the FDA was Epidolex. Usually, doctors prescribe this medicine to patients who witness seizures because of Davet or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, which is a rare epilepsy type. This medicine underwent massive clinical trials before the FDA approved it. 

Today, scientists want to delve into the fact as to how CBD tincture oil helps to manage seizures. According to a theory, it can impact a receptor in the seizure activity called the transient receptor potential vanilloid. According to a review of a clinical trial it suggested that adding CBD to antiepileptic drugs can help to treat epilepsy in teenagers, infants and children. 

  • It helps in anxiety and depression

Several animal studies on the impacts of CBD tincture oil in mood disorders highlighted good results. According to a Neuropsychopharmacology article that was based on a human study, suggests that CBD can bring down anxiety generated through public speaking. 

The members taking part in the study took a CBD preparation before the event. These members reported more minor discomfort and anxiety. And many researchers have suggested that CBD tincture oil can help to relieve the stress linked with the apprehension of any event. The members experienced lesser negative self-talk during the public speaking. It’s believed that the serotonin receptors might play an influential role in the CBD impact on anxiety. 

  • It helps in managing and treating addiction

Few experts suggest that CBD tincture oil can help people who have an addiction issue. It can be done by minimizing amygdala activation, the area in the brain associated with addiction. The craving for any drug takes place by exposure to a specific cue. Hence, minimizing the craving at the time of the cue helps to abstain from drugs. 

A study in the American Journal of Psychiatry had delved into the impact of CBD on cue-inducing anxiety and craving in people who have a drug disorder. The researchers explained that people who used CBD tincture oil had lesser anxiety and cravings in comparison to placebo. 

These are some of the best advantages of CBD tincture oil that you can count on. 


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