Medical Cannabis in Portugal

The popularity of cannabis all over the world is increasing day by day. In particular, medical cannabis took a good look. Portugal has an excellent climate and location that supports cannabis growth. That is why the cost of cannabis production is very low compared to other European countries. Many investors and entrepreneurs are trying to start a cannabis business here.

The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes was legalized in 2018 in Portugal. But there are selling rules, growing or consuming cannabis in Portugal. You must have an appropriate license for this.

If you want to buy medical cannabis in Portugal, you must have a prescription. No store or department will give you cannabis without a proper prescription. You must have a license to start a medical cannabis business in Portugal.

If you are involved in the medical cannabis business or want to start this business in Portugal, you need to know some facts about cannabis in this country. We will present you with the current status of medical cannabis in Portugal. You will be able to learn how to obtain a license to grow or extract cannabis. From here is also known as the system of sale and transportation of cannabis, medicinal cannabis prescriptions in Portugal.

This article can be very effective for Portuguese medicinal cannabis consumers, growers, sellers, or entrepreneurs.

The legality of Medical Use of Cannabis:

According to the Medical Cannabis Act of 2018, this cannabis can be sold in dispensaries or pharmacies. But there is a law for buying the product. Those who are prescribed by doctors can buy cannabis at a pharmacy or dispensary.

No one can buy cannabis without a prescription. By law, no skater can grow cannabis at home for them. You need to remember that the prescription is only to buy cannabis, not to grow for yourself.

Cannabis Cultivation License in Portugal:

If you have started growing medical cannabis, you must be issued a license for it. The license is valid for one year only. After the expiration date, the license must be renewed every year. You can apply for a cannabis cultivation license on the state’s website.

The license provider will verify applicants’ criminal reports. They prioritize medical, veterinary, scientific, and educational interests for licensing. You must provide accurate information about your full identity, where the cannabis will be cultivated, your business standards, where the products will be stored, etc. in the application form. But medical cannabis license is limited in Portugal. Therefore, we must wait for it.

Cannabis Extract Permit:

There are rules for the extraction and manufacture of medicinal cannabis in Portugal. Additional permits are required to extract and manufacture products. A license must be issued for these purposes. The application process is the same as for a cultivation license.

But there are also some restrictions on obtaining the license. The authority issues a license to extract medical cannabis for one year, renewable if necessary. You can sell the products to the wholesaler and export them abroad.

Medical Cannabis Transport and Sale System:

You must follow a specific procedure for selling and transporting collected medicinal cannabis products. There are also important laws regarding the sale and transportation of cannabis products. Authority plays an important role in maintaining rules when selling or moving products.

In Portugal, the medical cannabis market is so strictly controlled that no one can do illegal business with the products. Therefore, the system of sale and transportation of medicinal cannabis is highly regulated by the Portuguese.


Medical cannabis is very effective in treating health problems. Today, many countries grant legitimacy to the cultivation and sale of cannabis products. In Portugal, cannabis uses are also legal under certain conditions. You need to take a prescription to purchase the product, and for commercial purposes, you need to issue a license. I hope you have a good idea about medical cannabis in Portugal.

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