How Magic Mushrooms Follow “CBD” For Potential Health Benefits

The modern age has observed an impactful decline in prescribed medicines, with more users shifting towards natural and recreational substances to alleviate pain and anxiety. The primary factor that determines the popularity of these substances is their minimal or no side effects. One such drug is magic mushrooms.

Magic mushrooms have a rich history when it comes to rituals and practice. They were a part of religious traditions centuries ago in regions of Africa. However, nowadays, people consume this psychedelic supplement for its blissful experience. The active ingredient present in magic mushrooms – psilocybin – plays a vital role in affecting an individual.

The ingredient is responsible for forming saturated patterns and colors that give rise to creative ways of thinking. Such a process often leads to hyperconnection behavior amid the brain. Therefore, this enables other body parts to get in line with the brain and experience the profound and psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms. Since a user always expects more from a recreational drug, it’s important to know that microdose mushrooms can also improve and enhance your overall personality by grounding the ego levels.

Along with these factors, there are several potential health benefits of consuming magic mushrooms. A lot of shroom users have also compared the drug with the likes of CBD for similar benefits and effects.

1. They can Alleviate Anxiety and Depression.

Depression and anxiety are common problems but leave a considerable toll. Not only do they affect you mentally, but they also deteriorate the health of your physical wellbeing. At times, the constant overthinking and proactive thought process can lead to an increase in anxiety levels. Magic mushrooms, however, tend to affect the serotonin levels. This chemical is responsible for fighting symptoms that lead to anxiousness.

How Magic Mushrooms Follow "CBD" For Potential Health Benefits
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The active ingredient present in magic mushrooms communicates and binds to the prefrontal cortex and serotonin receptors to limit the flow of negative thoughts. Such communication results in positive thoughts and leads to more profound ways of living without having to deal with increasing anxiety and depression.

1. They can Fight Addiction Withdrawal.

It is not uncommon for people to build substance or smoking addictions, which leads to unhealthy patterns. These patterns, however, make an individual adapt to them. In such cases, psychedelics like magic mushrooms can help. One of the pilot studies stated that the active ingredient present in the drug considerably refrained a user from smoking after a year of the follow-up period.

Additionally, the drug can tackle substance consumption disorder, which includes the likes of cocaine, nicotine, and alcohol addictions. What these addictions do is they narrow the mental repertoire, making the user stick to patterns adapted by the use of substances, which in turn,  leads to addiction.

In therapies led by psilocybin, the regular addictive pattern gets intervened. The process, in a way, helps create mental plasticity, enabling users to step out of the addiction-built patterns.

2. They Increase Openness.

As human beings, we tend to close down after certain events or experiences and choose to stay the same way for the rest of our lives. In a way, we block ways to connect with the environment and the people around us. This process usually shuts down potential opportunities. Psilocybin, however, can help with this significantly.

How Magic Mushrooms Follow "CBD" For Potential Health Benefits
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A study done in the year 2011 found out that the psychedelic drug increases the level of openness, which helps in improving creativity, spiritual awareness, and imagination strength. More than 60 percent of the participants in this particular study experienced a significant rise in their open connections. Moreover, such an effect remained for over a year amongst them. The active ingredient of magic mushrooms makes you feel light, enables you to connect more with your surroundings, and increases your creativity levels.

This is a result of the neurological change that the drug makes in users. Thus, a regular dose of magic mushrooms can make a massive impact.

1. They can Limit your ego.

Our ego levels limit us from accepting new experiences and people. While we develop the trait over the years, it is essential to ground it in order to experience new encounters. However, psychedelics like magic mushrooms can create a distinction between experience and ego by grounding the sense of self.

Psilocybin, which is the active ingredient present in the spore-based fungus, fights through the negative patterns in an individual and can give way to new life perspectives. One such study states that the loss or death of the ego can benefit a user in a positive context, which in turn, makes you feel alive and connected.

Final thoughts

Mushrooms are a psychedelic supplement that lets you interact with an unfamiliar personality of yourself and lets you connect more. Such effectivity leads to explorative changes and also benefits in many ways, as discussed above. However, before planning to introduce magic mushrooms to your everyday life, consult with an expert.

5 Amazing Tips for Pairing Cannabis Strains with Food

What are the two things that excite you and make you happy? Food and cannabis?

With some innovation and creativity, you can get both together now. People have been experimenting with the idea of adding cannabis to everyday food, and the result has been mouthwatering cookies and brownies that taste out of the world. You can readily find delicious sour diesel cannabis seeds has to offer these days. For those who want to try some new dishes by themselves, there are plenty of options out there. Some foods and cannabis pair well like wine and cheese and can take your cooking to new heights.

Let’s now take a look at five fantastic tips for pairing cannabis strains with food.

5 Amazing Tips for Pairing Cannabis Strains with Food

Making The Most Of Terpenes

Terpenes is a substance found in cannabis that is known for its vibrant flavor. This is the same natural flavor found in mary’s edibles plants, too, and that’s why pairing the right combination of terpenes found in cannabis, and other plants can significantly enhance the taste of a meal.

5 Amazing Tips for Pairing Cannabis Strains with Food

Typically, most cannabis strains have a concentration from about two to four percent, and the level of intensity determines the flavor. In general, when the cannabis strain has low levels, you tend to get a sweet or spicy flavor, while higher concentrations can give you a woody smell and taste. Some specific strains give you a rich tropical flavor if you think that’s something you need for your menu!

Knowing about terpenes and the taste they give will go a long way in making your cooking much more innovative and tasty.

Learn More About The Available Strains

Globalization has made it easier than ever before to access the foods you want, regardless of which part of the world it’s grown in. Do some research to identify the strains that you want to work with and the best places to find them.

For example, the Black Domina strain of cannabis pairs well with chocolate, which means, you can make cakes, desserts, souffle, and so much more with it. This strain is a cross between Northern Lights, Hash Plant, Indica, and Canadian Ortega.

5 Amazing Tips for Pairing Cannabis Strains with Food

Likewise, nothing beats a creamy yogurt with Blueberry strain as the latter adds a citrusy and berry flavor to the richness of the yogurt. This strain comes with a balanced level of THC that is sure to relax your body without feeling bloated.

When you familiarize yourself with the different strains and their natural flavors, you can better decide how to pair them with the right food.

Trust Your Senses

Your senses are your best guide when it comes to pairing the right cannabis strains with food, and that’s because it is based on your personal preferences. In other words, some people like to have a zesty and lemony flavor with salmon, while others may prefer a bit of a sweet flavor to it. In this sense, the pairing depends to a large extent on your personal preferences, and your senses can be the best guide in this regard.

But for that, you should know what strains are available on the market and how they smell or taste. It may require some experiments, and possibly even failed ones before you get the knack of taking your senses as the guide. But in the long run, it is worth the effort as you’ll be able to identify even the newer strains and pair them well with your food.

Know The Effects

The different cannabis strain gives not only good flavor, but they also have specific effects on your body, and this is something to consider as well. For example, the cookies and cream strain gives you a balanced feel as you’ll feel both uplifted and relaxed without feeling too sedated. This kind of strain is ideal if you have to entertain guests after dinner without feeling too overwhelmed about it.

On the other hand, if you’re lazing around on a Sunday afternoon and want to take a long nap, opt for strains that heavily sedate you. Combine them with your food, so your body goes into a deep sleep mode, and you feel fresh and relaxed when you get up after a few hours of heavy sleep.

Another example is the Sativa strains that uplift your mood and body and allow you to be more productive and focus through your daytime activities. Understanding these effects can make you choose the right strain for the right situation, and based on it, you can work on an appropriate menu.

5 Amazing Tips for Pairing Cannabis Strains with Food


Sometimes, it is good to let your wild side out as this can provide some unexpected and exciting results.

Instead of sticking with the time-tested flavors, why not create your own? What happens when you pair a citrusy strain with yogurt or a smoky flavor with your chocolate cake? Well, try it out to know how they taste and, more importantly, how well you like it. Check Out Eagle Moon Hemp for variety of strains.

Many people tend to stick to the tested flavors, and as a result, they can miss out on some fun and new combinations. Don’t fall into that trap. Make sure you create your signature dishes, and for all you know, that can even push you to fame!

In all, cannabis and food are a great combination, so make the most of the available strains to enhance the flavor of your dishes and to come up with new ones that can uniquely excite your body and senses. Just make sure you understand what’s in it and use your senses as the guide when it comes to pairing. We hope these fantastic tips will help you to pair the right strain with the right food for an enjoyable cooking and a wonderful eating experience.

Smoking Cannabis With Tobacco: 5 Pros & Cons Of Pure Cannabis

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about Cannabis is rolling a joint. Smoking Cannabis is one of the most popular ways of consuming it. And including tobacco with Cannabis has been quite a common occurrence in several parts of Europe. However, the practice is almost a crime to the Cannabis enthusiasts of South America, Canada, and USA regions.

Smoking Cannabis With Tobacco: 5 Pros & Cons Of Pure Cannabis

The debate on why or why not to use tobacco with Cannabis has some valid facts and arguments on each side. And if you would like to get an unbiased view of them both, then here are five pros and cons of using Cannabis with tobacco you need to explore.

The Pros

You can enjoy more THC.

Most Cannabis strains contain a fair share of CBD, even if the dominant cannabinoid is THC. Based on the ratio of the two cannabinoids, the presence of CBD reduces the intensity of the effect of THC on the body to give a subtle high. Also, the efficiency of available THC goes down when you smoke Cannabis. It could mean you are barely utilizing the true potential of the bud. But a touch of tobacco with Cannabis means that there is a steep increase in the levels of THC, sometimes even double states a study. This way, you can get high faster and enjoy a rather intense high with the same substance using tobacco.

You get a distinct high.

Some THC intense strains can have a cloudy effect on your brain, and make you feel distorted. The use of tobacco with Cannabis gives a pleasant high instead of an intense, overpowering feeling. Nicotine and Cannabis both have euphoria-inducing properties. So, the combination of the ingredients can give you a blissful and cherishable high. It can help you stay focussed, which is suitable for creative work after smoking Cannabis. You can select  from a broad range of seeds for various cultivation methods and try to grow your own Cannabis for smoking.

Smoking Cannabis With Tobacco: 5 Pros & Cons Of Pure Cannabis

Your high can last longer.

Tobacco is the cheapest addition to your Cannabis to make sure you enjoy a deep and long high. The effects of combining nicotine with THC ensures the high lasts longer than a pure joint. You can relish a more extended session with your buddies, even with a small amount of Cannabis. For example, if a pure joint would take anywhere between 1 gram to give a hard high, half of the substance would be enough to provide you with almost the same effects when you add tobacco to it.

Your joint will burn longer and better.

Adding tobacco to your joint makes it easier to smoke, as pure joints burn out faster and require lighting up many times in between. The buds and flowers cannot gradually burn, like tobacco. The burning is smooth and effortless in tobacco, which makes the experience a lot more fun and efficient. Also, when we talk about using alternatives to Cannabis flowers, such as hash, the mixture requires the presence of tobacco or any other herb to make a joint, or it wouldn’t burn properly. To buy hash online Canada is the best place to explore some good choices of high-quality products.

Smoking Cannabis With Tobacco: 5 Pros & Cons Of Pure Cannabis

It adds flavor to the plant.

Cannabis has an earthy, pungent smell that may not feel good for a few people. But adding tobacco will give the usual smell of a cigarette, which might be more tolerable for smokers. In the case of some flavorful Cannabis strains, the blend can be enjoyable.


The Cons

Tobacco is the reason for health problems.

Tobacco smoke can hurt your lungs in several ways and cause chronic respiratory ailments in the future. The tar deposit could influence lung capacity and lead to problems such as cancer. Eliminating tobacco from your Cannabis joint ensures that you are not exposed to toxic smoke containing tobacco particles.

Smoking Cannabis With Tobacco: 5 Pros & Cons Of Pure Cannabis

Also, tobacco takes away the oxygen required for your skin cells to process damage and regenerate healthy cells to look fabulous. Eliminating the substance and using only Cannabis can benefit your skin in many ways, such as removing age signs, improving skin texture and glow, and even eliminate problems such as acne. But remember, smoke from Cannabis can also have side effects after continuous usage. It is better to look for alternatives such as edibles, tinctures, oils to consume pure Cannabis.

You can enjoy the raw flavors of Cannabis.

Cannabis enthusiasts understand how the quality of weed is truly reflected by the smell, flavors, and feel of the buds. While smoking the buds, the smell gives away if it has any chemical adulterants, and if it is a high-quality product. The aromatic experience of cherishing the earthy flavors of Cannabis with a touch of strain-specific flavonoids is exciting. It is a part of the experience and is best enjoyed without mixing tobacco.

There is a reduced chance of addiction.

The interaction of nicotine with tobacco occurs at the opioid receptors sites. So, the substance creates an addiction in users. The urge to consume nicotine is very hard to resist. Using tobacco with Cannabis could increase the risk of addiction. Pure Cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system’s CB1 and CB2 receptors that show no signs of addiction. It is possible to use Cannabis for both medicinal as well as recreational purposes without risking addiction, making it the ideal way to use the plant.

You can enjoy the benefits of Cannabis better.

Cannabis can have therapeutic value to aid in the treatment of several mental ailments, including depression, anxiety, insomnia. The combination of nicotine and cannabinoids create a more intense high that could make you hyperactive or focussed and sometimes cause disturbances. It makes it impossible for the body to feel relaxed or at ease to enjoy a healthy rest period. Using tobacco with Cannabis to treat insomnia or other ailments depending on the relaxing properties of Cannabis is counterproductive.

Smoking Cannabis With Tobacco: 5 Pros & Cons Of Pure Cannabis

It keeps your olfactory senses intact.

With time, using tobacco can affect your taste buds and sense of smell. Giving up tobacco helps slowly retrieve your senses back in order. Cannabis, on the other hand, has the exact opposite effect and sensitizes your olfactory capabilities to enjoy the nuances of the things around you. Similarly, using pure Cannabis does not cause stains on the teeth, unlike tobacco, and keeps your gorgeous smile intact.

The best way to avoid using tobacco and Cannabis together would be to explore a range of vape juices. The substance contains some elegant flavors and Cannabis extracts to elevate your experience. Also, you can choose from a wide range of Cannabis products such as gummies, candies, lotions, balms, saves, creams, drinks, which are also efficient ways of enjoying the dominant cannabinoids of the plant in a subtle manner. You can try Cannabis with and without tobacco to understand which of two methods makes you feel most comfortable and choose between them.