How does CBD vape juice make you feel better?

There is no doubt that the use of CBD is on the rise. That is why you can see CBD products almost everywhere. The number of dispensaries selling CBD has also increased significantly. Before the legalization of the drug, most people knew smoking was the only way you could consume the compound. That is despite the fact that ancient Chinese would mix it in their tea to get a soothing effect. Soon after legalization, various ingestion methods came about, including vaporizing, which seems to be the trendiest.

Another thing is that most people who are yet to have an encounter with vaporizing often ask one question, does it make you high? Well, No. There are many ways that CBD vaping makes you feel, and giving you the psychoactive effect is not one of them. That is because CBD has less than 0.3% THC, and that is not enough to give you a high effect. But then, in some ways vaporizing CBD makes you feel better, this includes:

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It can treat your anxiety

Anyone who uses rick simpson oil from Toronto will confirm that it can relieve anxiety and that feeling is fantastic. As soon as you vape CBD vape juice, the vapor goes to your lungs from where it will make its way to the bloodstream. While there, it works with neurotransmitters by attaching itself to CB1 receptors. The CB1 receptors are responsible for the alteration of serotonin signals. Keep in mind that your moods get affected whenever there is a low serotonin hormone in your system. By inhibiting the absorption of the serotonin hormone, CB1 receptors lead to an increase in serotonin. Once that happens, you find that your mood becomes positive, and that is how CBD vape juice makes you feel better. 

CBD vape juice can alleviate chronic pain

If you know you are suffering from pain that is giving you sleepless nights, then you no longer need to agonize. That is because among the benefits of CBD vape juice is that it can help you feel better by alleviating your pain. When you vape CBD vape juice, it ends up binding itself on the endocannabinoid receptors. It then activates the brain to inhibit the production of the FAAH enzyme, which tends to break down anandamide. That means you will end up having fewer FAAH so your body will not utilize anandamide compound, which means you are not going to feel pain. That is how CBD vape juice can alleviate pain.

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CBD vape juice can enable you to have a good sleep

There is nothing better than having a quality sleep at night. But what happens if you can’t get sleep for various reasons? Well, vaporizing CBD can help you have a night of quality sleep. Your body has multiple glands, and one of them is the pineal gland. The gland exists in the middle of the brain. Whenever night falls, the pineal gland increases its production of melatonin, thus making you sleep better. That is, however, not the case if you suffer from conditions like insomnia. But if you vape CBD vape juice, it is going to attach itself to the endocannabinoid system. It triggers the pineal gland to produce more melatonin, and so you will end up having adequate and quality sleep. For all CBD oil products requirements, one can surf the net for Canadian mail order cannabis licensed dispensaries offering doorstep delivery. 

It can help with depression

Depression is among the many things that can affect you negatively and leave you feeling irritated, bored, and sometimes it causes withdrawal symptoms too. Vaporizing CBD can help you with the condition. Depression mostly occurs due to hormonal imbalance in the body. CBD can work to trigger the endocannabinoid system as well as the brain to balance the hormones. It also gives you a relaxed feeling, thus leaving you feeling better than before. It is among the many importance of vaporizing that a huge percentage of people enjoy daily.

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CBD can help with inflammation

The discomfort that inflammation brings about can be quite annoying. But luckily, it is among the things that vaping CBD can help you treat. CBD triggers the cannabinoid receptors to maintain the levels of prolactin hormones at an optimum point. That is how it can stop inflammation. Coupling that function with the fact that it is an active anti-oxidant, it can reduce the effects of inflammation. That means people suffering from medical conditions like Alzheimer’s, eczema, and Crohn’s syndrome, which results from inflammation, can benefit from vaping CBD vape juice. 

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What makes vaping the CBD vape juice trend?

Apart from making you feel better due to the above conditions that it can treat, vaping CBD vape juice is also becoming prevalent. It is because vaporizing is among the easiest ways to ingest CBD. That is because all you need to do is grab a vaporizer and start enjoying its benefits. The preparation process is also easy, and it can only take you a day to learn. Another reason for its popularity is that vape juices come in different flavors, including strawberry, kiwi, and blue raspberry, among others. You thus have an option to pick flavors that suit you and start enjoying CBD vape. 

It also doesn’t harm your lungs. With a vaporizer, you inhale the vapor and not the smoke. You are thus going to find yourself enjoying every hit that you take. Lastly, CBD vaporizer delivers the above effects much faster than other methods of consuming CBD. Once the vapor reaches your system, it quickly enters the bloodstream. You thus start feeling better within a short period.

CBD vape juice is a lifesaver when it comes to making you feel better. The product has various compounds, amino acids, as well as minerals. It is also among the most active anti-oxidants. That is why it can help alleviate and treat the above conditions, thus making you feel great. You also don’t have to worry since it is easy to consume, and it also gets to work faster. Within a short time of consuming CBD vape juice, you are going to start feeling the effects kick in.


The Kentucky Hemp Fall Guy – CBD Business Hit by Corruption in USA

This is a story of a man who sought to bring purer, more affordable access to hemp and CBD being betrayed, run-around, and even wrongfully arrested while trying to do the right thing.

We’re about to walk you through a #Kentucky born #corruption in the industrial #hemp trade. Imagine making a major investment in which you dotted all of your I’s and crossed all of your T’s through education, law, regulation, and business practice only to have it stolen. The very people who helped you bring new business to their state turn on you. From the beginning to the end, this is the story of a man who sought to bring purer, more affordable access to hemp and CBD being betrayed, run-around, and even wrongfully arrested while trying to do the right thing.

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you ready dude fucking always ready

it’s the biggest corruption scandal

you’ve never heard of and he’s naming

names that is right y’all and we are

back again to stir the teeth

y’all best stay tuned because we have

got a story for you hey y’all this is

Mike and this is Paxton and welcome to

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feel like the world’s gone mad then pull

up a chair and we’ll throw you a tea cup

cuz we’re all mad here yep and while we

usually say that madness is more fun

with friends sometimes you got to come

together with friends just a freaking

push the madness back we have a little

bit of something different for you guys

today this isn’t our normal kind of like

faces of Liberty chill chitchat we have

a story and you’re not gonna like it but

you’re gonna want to hear this would you

hate so with us we do have a friend

Keith would you like to introduce

yourself my name is Keith Taylor I live

in California and I grow cannabis

marijuana and industrial hands yes and

the story that we got that we that

brought us together it is just a wild

ride you you guys we’ve talked to plenty

of you guys about the drug trade we’ve

talked to you guys about how the

government will reach down and and dick

over people we’ve talked to you guys

about all sorts of things we’ve talked

about contra and I guess today we’re

gonna tell you a little bit of your

story um I would like that like and and

I would like to start it off by just

asking you would I asked you the first

time when we met you know like what how

did you get in this place

like how did this happen how does happen

well I’ve been involved in the cannabis

industry for many many years and uh but

involved top companies in the cannabis

industry you know since I can remember

and uh so you know also a good

connections over in China I’ve been

doing business there for going on 19 20

years now then face but I want to make

the transition from THC to CBD

because uh once started helping out

cancer patients because I see what was

happening with them getting drained and

still dying you know everything they

take from them and they still dying here

so I figured if I could make cancer

carrying drugs that’d be great so that’s

why I started doing and I found the

technology in China to do it on a

commercial level and scale so it’s went

over there got technology let’s make

this shortly in the brought to America


first place that I want to do it on the

commercial scale and the only place in

the industrial and I’ve got a mall so it

was part of the industrial hemp and

still AM and that’s all him research

pilot program the federal government so

the only place you feel it on a

commercial scale in 2018 or 1718 was a

kentucky yeah everywhere else hear from

you and you know under no microscope you

know in a university or something like

that right this is this is all you all

commercial levels because you want to go

so I went bigger than eating with

everyone in America the American history

so I made American history I did 2300

acres was a 3.6 square miles will cover

half of San Francisco California in so

what comes along with that though snakes

on the starts lots of them are cartels

you know so basically that in this

position was by knowing how to grow vast

amounts of cannabis and

you know at the same time you know huge

scale knowing the processing of it might

turn into cancer curing drugs how’d she

take it

the stock in make make fibre things to

them is you know with plastics make

animal bet even you know heard things

like that use the whole plant right so

there’s some ones could use the whole

plane we could grow on wide by scale

this enormous you know scale is just

people want wants you but the only wants

you long enough to where you get it done

alright I’ll have to bring all these

things together tried to bring China in

the u.s. together how to bring

California Kentucky together you know

that I’m gonna bring all of the people

in those communities together you know

and put it all in one place in Western

Kentucky and uh there’s a big

undertaking you know cost me over a

million dollars in my own pocket okay

and you know all my family connections

political connections and industrial

connections namely this is all the

leverage every part of my life and there

were a lot of people there at that

shovel party yeah so you know and so you

know I got it done but uh you know I

think that greed that’s it

you know we reach that scene no one’s

understood me I’m I’m so zeroed in and

focused on the ultimate goal which was

to bring the CBD it was a cancer caring

drug or a drug

I called John chemical whatever you want

to call it you know to the American

people for those but they’re the best

quality for the least expensive cost

right because it you know figure that’s

the least I could do for the American

people since I was able to go out and

get the only technology that exists in

the world to cure this cancer and the

FDA gonna probably want to slap mean

shit to me and send me letters Sam can’t

say that should welcome eighties cancer

cure okay because I’ve cured by people

with cancer

okay so I don’t care

they say on what could you say certain

things because then you know people

might know that that’s what they got to

do instead of go get IVs of drugs that

are gonna kill you from the

pharmaceutical industry and then once

you feel bad they’re gonna show you

drugs so you don’t feel bad I remember

them coming out with this story from

Canada seeing that they were using it to

help like basically causes cancer cells

to kind of like eat themselves almost

and then all of a sudden you just never

hear these things again they keep coming

out with these things saying oh it can

be treated and then you never hear from

it again the FDA is of monopoly what

they do is they are regulating shit so

there’s only one thing that you can

actually use and of course they’re

getting funneled money by those

individual people because that’s how

they make money so of course you’re not

gonna ever come up with the fucking cure

because that hurts their business the

people in the FDA are probably the most

corrupt people in fucking America

besides the DEA FBI I mean the list is

pretty pretty long if it sounds like

part of the ABCs is probably not good

the good guys in America I’ve seen the

bad guys in our society you’ll realize

real quick standing on to like you can

get people to come walk out even to the

middle of the road they start to realize

it’s not right no right at all so I

guess you know like I caught up with you

know I got I got China in in America and

I got the source of you know I got

things coming from everywhere I’m I got

my seeds from Italy sixth generation

Italian variety you know good high

yielding CBD will also best fiber in the

world so you can make nice clothes so I

mean I would source the best in the

world of every fucking thing I could

because I mean why if you’re gonna do

something I do

right it’s got to be the best of the

best of the best so Virginia and was

like I said people Greece are setting in

I start thinking okay non-self can

leverage the leverage that because I’ve

got a lot of people in my inner circle

now because it

I had to incorporate countries states


you know cities what have you and so the

people that are in the inner core and

then it would be but the Kentucky

Department of Agriculture it was a

fucking joke by the way okay it looks

commissioner he’s a piece of shit

he’s a liar okay and I told him not to

uh go on record to the so USDA which is

you know so the Commissioner going to

see what he’s gonna put out so I know

that we’re gonna put out like over a

month ahead of time so I said a right to

his general counsel email tone joke joke

joke you know you really can’t get get

your guys in right victims in that out

but you’ve gotta stop him from sending

that out and I’ll tell you why because

number one you already know what about

2300 acres missing okay

Kentucky as a whole the prior year only

did 2300 acres okay so how could you say

nut is wrong when you’re industrial hemp

research pilot program well you

basically die once you do your old state

grew last year missing by one guy you’re

gonna you’re gonna kill his career you

know if people find this out you know so

don’t do it I said we’re on keep

offering you now is opportunity to

correct it before you seen that in

instead of covering it up so if you try

to cover it up instead come on anyway

yeah you know that yeah so they decide

they’re gonna cover it up okay so now

the cover pictures on so they push it

out and I know best in America with the

press industrial and research pilot

program in the nation on this shit back

thinking fucking guys knuckleheads right

because how could you say that you’re

missing almost everything for you stay

okay um you’ve been it’s been reported

to you you tell me okay okay if if I’m

missing all this and um processor and

handler what do I put them like my

annual report because it’s all been

spoken they said just put zero so I went

from 2200 acres to zero any other state

if I fucking did this shit or any other

business I said if everyone knew I had

the biggest amount of anything in the

fucking world or nation and then I’ve


zero that’s like I made drunk I made two

billion dollars last year and I claimed

zero right no money I want to pay any

taxes what would happen to me I’ll go to

fucking jail right so look you know look

I want to pay my taxes because I’m

probably all about a hundred million

dollars okay okay been one of their

freakin prisons for not giving them

their fucking war dues yeah it’s

actually called a court tell tax working

so I was a co-founder of California

finest Americans people marijuana

cigarettes right fuck big taxes right

because we had the first legal grow in

California and you want to keep that

going so basically how to keep that

noise you got a piggy so go to my CPA

what do we do because of 1k tests in the

world there’s actually a thing called a

cartel tax but it’s 50% so what so

everything that you can normally claim

in it nothing a regular business you

cannot write off you can’t write off

shit almost basically they’re cut is


okay so we sort of came the Courtauld X

so now is that much yeah sucks it sucks

but at the same time shit they’re big

big profit margins right so you could

afford to share so I didn’t care Thanks

so now I’m going now that will be that

like a true acres of marijuana in Reno

greenhouses right so now I’m dealing

with 2,300

instead of going you know hundreds of

pounds and thousands of pounds into

millions right yeah he shows yeah 27 and

a half moon okay so that’s a lot of

tonnage right and it’s no longer pounds

you’re talking tons of Nellie referred

to this punish and you know I know for

sure you know but you you miss a payment

on your taxes I’m done because there’s

nobody’s gonna ever dig yourself out of

this one if you’re doing it business

shit we’re gonna do so I mean I’m don’t

look shake that stolen I know loot okay

these guys were in on it

look I want to pay the money you know

talk to these guys

we don’t want to hear it right but we do

and just fucking take the loss right but

you know me there’s the chairman and


I can’t just take the loss right

I didn’t add egg the buck stops here so

they’re gonna say why didn’t you do


did you contact anybody okay I contacted

the DEA I contacted the FBI I contacted

the Senators Congressmen Department of

Kentucky everyone involved industrial

hemp research – no one wants to say shit

right they don’t want to hear nothing


they don’t care but you bet your ass you

know when they come knocking for the tax

money what am I gonna say you know so I

can say that talk to all these people

but then um someone did then I get a

break in the action right

and this comes with a they catch a truck

18-wheeler leave in Kentucky heading to

Colorado right

the going to Tulsa Oklahoma Osage Nation

right and to get pulled over stupid

trying to be incognito but you got it

you got a trailing man right behind them

fucking armored guys right arm on dart

saying you’ve drawn attention to

themselves it’s cops form over boom they

find it you’ve got a couple pallets of

industrial hemp and the rest of them –

marijuana right that’s all Kentucky

roses marijuana I think I’m the only guy

in Kentucky that grows industrial to be

honestly but they all grow marijuana

three years and I’m fuck notice but

everyone’s gonna fucking know I’m the

fucking top and by that you mean that

it’s like way above the the be allotted

number the percentage oh shit

Kentucky’s been growing the number one

cash crop for Kentucky is marijuana okay

years okay you ever heard of these guys

called the cornbread mafia okay Lord

just bust in US history

okay happened in Kentucky the bosses the

guys in called cornbread mafia probably

do not they could not get any

indictments because no one would talk

because they’re all inbred there you

know and when they say inbred it’s not

like they fucking their sisters and

their moms and shit like that it’s yeah

it’s a breading society you know I

always thought it was when I started

working with them they rotate all their

people and they have meetings all the

time so they’re mayors and judges I mean

they’re just circling around you win in

at some other state of life for many

people to learn they’re just swapping

out information all the time then

covering each other’s asses like mother

everyone everyone says I don’t like that

guy and they say they don’t like that

guy that means that’s the best for

everybody not talking to shit on it

right but they’re opening it up for you

to talk see on the guy right so but I

already know this shit anything so I’m

just sitting back studying these fuckers

but yeah so marijuana is their number

one cash crop always been always has

been always will be

okay so I’m the only guy going in the

store and they’re basically and so the

truck is pulled over in Oklahoma bang

so I hear but I thought I’m sorry I get

a hold of the arresting officer doctrine

purple now it’s only fucking graphic and

I need from them because some of that

him is mine because I’ve got millions of

pounds missing right and so obviously I

know what they’re using my shit or

they’re using it to put off all of the

marijuana on all the trucks in the last

four pallets to here to here I’m gonna

be or or there may be nice and go six

pallets you know what uh I know that

it’s gonna be mine the rest of marijuana

so they opened the thing then everything

says they’re in the industrial hemp

research pilot program and they’re say

oh here’s our paperwork and there’s a

him but that shit’s not so bad

so I knew that was mine so I got I

wanted I’m trying to grab my shit so I

need to be able to get in and testify

today so it’s with the truck now now

talk to the arresting officer who

sheriff wypall then I said don’t look

I’m gonna need to get somebody test I

need I need to grab some samples off the

truck I think a lot of you know whatever

any industrial hemp on there is mine the

rest of that shoots marijuana I could

tell and I also need that ship who’s

gonna be mine because the Hanna Dean was

called a super sexy super super suppose

about a thousand pounds okay and is what

you put it is what we realize would only

guys that use super sex for industrial

name because no one else drives number

one no one else ever no one else even

asking number two were the only ones

that dry it okay and so we have named

exercise dryer it’s the size of a

fucking bust right so you had to dry so

much right

so England putting these super sacks

Naxos super sacks on your low back

fucking mind sure right so I need to get

that shit so protested and so I could

you know get my shit back off that truck

and figure out what’s going on so they

throw me well you don’t see that address

I know file report so gotta file report

with and I’ve already been talking with

FBI and state police in all kinds so

they say you get a report from state

place of picked on you fine so I’m

talking to them they’re like so I know

you gotta understand they’re crooked

they’re cooker didn’t cook it over there

like I mean they may be called the state

police but they’re like Mexican police

right they’ll be carrying the ak-47 on a

fucking motorcycle right fucking rescue

and nothing in the money your wallet

that’s huh yeah they’re just they’re

just the police their own cartel so I’ve

got I’ve been going so I’m like you know

I gotta press charges on these guys is

that here’s all the evidence


shit on these guys tried to bribe me

don’t call commercial bribery he said

hey look we got this much left in the

empty so I mean I could’ve made you know

he was some about five six ten million

fucking dollars right

but again I’m the champ okay so I know

everything is missing and they forgive

me millions of dollars shut the fuck up

sorry you know can I do it I know this

is not all plus where’s my fiber in my

hurt you know and say sorry is what you

get so I’m not gonna be accepted

so all these listening down every every

penal code that they broke trying to get

over this detective right and they named

detective quarry hammy he’s a piece of


alright and good Kentucky State Police I

said I need a report he’s following pork

because also tops this attorney got was

pressing charges on the guys in Oklahoma

her name was Rebecca and she said come

on you know the rules you know what’s

going on said I know I report just

getting so again I not only the sheriff

some attorney that’s now hold you the

evidence of this fucking truck

18-wheeler is evidence only get him get

into that thing and get the examples is

through this report so I got all this

just goes onions so overwhelming I mean

I’m talking yes so much you got a

question yeah yeah yeah I really hate to

interrupt you because you’re killing it

I love the story so far this is really

good I mean it’s it’s it’s horrible but

it’s really good but I’m just really

curious about the bribe stuff that you

had mentioned I don’t know that’s

something you want to talk about over 20

Frank they try to give me three hundred

and thirty thousand fucking pounds okay

which you could grab that up about 50

acres yeah I mean so where the rest in

you go what about my investors okay and

what about mine you know what about my

company what about the people I’m trying

to help

what about what about the two companies

I could have took taken off of 100%

import of materials to now transfer them

to be domestic fucking product this is

what all of our politicians talk about

but never fucking I brought industry

back to America

yeah okay but then they fucking away and

take it away because you got the fucking

black market you got the cartel stealing

everything selling it for fucking

pennies on the dollar

yeah so the bride can press but well I

think you’re about to say it but how

exactly did they give you the bride

elected was this in-person email letter

they sent me said this is the entire

2018 crop nothing has been sold and blah

blah blah

they should’ve said this mm is the

leftovers of the 2018 crop that hasn’t

been stolen

so but they’re not so this is supposed

to be a whole entire problem and so as

chairman of the organization and

president I can do one of two things I

could take the bribe because it’s a

bribe because I I’d say it’s a broad

look I already know what my project the

yields were supposed to be for the year

right I know how many seeds

I’m putting around I did about 30,000

pounds of students from four hundred and

fifty thousand dollars for a thousand

acres I had two lots

I had a thousand acres 1,300 acres

breaking under this is the seed guy he’s

already growing it I’m buying all the

floral material necessary the other one

I own everything on okay so 2,200 acres

total so I know

fucking and I wanted it that way I’m

going to keep the math simple thousand

acres 30,000 pounds 30 pounds per acre

scenery 30 pounds per acre

okay you’ve got to understand there also

there’s twenty seven thousand five

hundred seeds per pound so you’re

looking at about nine hundred thousand

potential plants per acre okay

marijuana guys usually grow about 2,300

plants per acre yeah I’m talking almost

a million plants per acre I get out

about 15 to 25 grams okay we’re talking

thirteen thousand pounds of drag floral

material per acre okay so

you understand you guys want to give you

some nothing right I can’t very well I

know not only by what we did last the

previous year before I decided to claim

five and over and then let a Campania I

had everything tested and ran all the

strings so I’m newly produced okay I

knew like I just told you the seeds

Holmes Brigid is that so now I’m doing a

thousand thousand acres thirty pounds

per acre and thirty thousand pounds it

seems foreign 50 grand

then I know what’s going to yield

because I know what yeah last year and I

know it’s gonna heal this next year

because he’s gonna have we had more Sun

and more rain so I couldn’t very well as

you say okay give me the three hundred

thousand pounds I’ll fucking hockey

fucking take the money and run right

because right that’s number one I’m an

honest guy we’re gonna do that because

I’m building a company that I’m going to

utilize to make this country a better

place right among the industrial hemp

research pilot program which I’m cast

with um showing America if this is a

viable crop or not and if so you know

still the shit out of it yeah yeah so so

so basically I was showing him this as

it was growing and they already do

because I got Senator McConnell behind

me in congressman comer and I was able

through through them and myself to get

it commoditize and legalize through

Donald Trump at the end of 2008 to shit

Wow yeah I worked my ass off you know in

McConnell didn’t get behind industrial

so I broke ground on our facility to

reach out there he’s like oh shit this

guy knows how to properly you know

monetize this crop and he seen that so

he jumps in front of comers and I’m

gonna have compensated companion bill

I’m gonna lead the way and he did and he

used me as an example of why he was

doing it and what we were doing King’s

row biotech okay

and so when all this stuff was going

down corner he’s got you know

he’s Kentucky guy right so you know

character statesman or the one stealing

my shit right right so you think not

that I expected him to give a shit

because I don’t really have high

expectations for him from what we do you

think that’s connected though he saw you

now being able to make something that’s

profitable and then all of a sudden your

shit goes missing well yeah and my

technology – okay so they hijacked

everything look I was only guy in the

world that had this technology but when

I went to Kentucky all of a sudden they

steal my technology they steal my my my

crops and then all of a sudden you know

I’ll fucking go away the wayside you

often hoping you save hair happy that

you made it out alive but you’re not

gonna just sit there and be happy

yeah okay you with the highest on in the

the cause is a common ball to Kentucky

is to be honored as Kentucky kernel okay

so I received this award okay so this by

the governor in the Secretary of State

and then I also get honored and they

give me Admiral C to make me Admiral

okay so they think these two things is

enough for me but I don’t want titles

come on

you know I went to school you might say

don’t care about titles I care about you

know making a difference bringing

manufacturing back to the United States

curing cancer making nice clothes out of

hand things like that and that’s that

all your wards if I’m gonna do nothing

for me so all sudden it gave me the

highest honors all right and then when

they still everything now I’m now

getting back to the truck I report this

to everybody okay

now I’m asking for the damn report okay

and then I’ll simply the guys wouldn’t

give me the report to Kentucky guys

detective Kang the guy okay so what ends

up happening is and I’m already talking

to the FBI you can suck it to shit about

shit because you guys are fucking in

with McConnell right he pays a paycheck

for it he’s the one that did he’s up the


omni’s bill was for all the federal

agencies so he just doesn’t make shut

the fuck up right don’t do nothing

obviously that’s August so then yeah so

these guys is not right through the

report that I need to get my hip off

that truck instead you know that’s in

your fucking report is a ten by the way

all you guys are growing marijuana over

there I’m the only one in there

within an hour they have a warrant out

for my arrest right so now I go from

trying to press charges against the

hookers that stole from me all this

material worth hundreds of millions of

dollars okay all I do is write an email

it’s on that the state grows marijuana

and I’ll knowing that goes industrial

him and you guys that talk to and

whatever and they wasn’t out that had me

invited okay you know weren’t house my

arrest so I’m fucking that he has your

fucking joke right now I don’t give a

shit so yeah these guys fluffy show up

one day at my house machine guns

armored vehicles helicopters snipers on

the roof of my neighbors fucking machine

guns pointed at my house right I can’t

believe that we didn’t see that on the

news anywhere like they didn’t I’ve been

looking for it I haven’t seen it any

nobody covered this nobody comes in

because they don’t want that she comes

but you know if I if I was getting

arrested gonna add roaches in my a

string they did that they were done you

know I’m sorry I didn’t mean to

interrupt it’s just like I like to point

that out because like some people still

think that the media will actually tell

the truth for them there’s no such thing

I mean these guys are pulled apart you

know they only pumped what they want you

to hear into society there’s no free

journalist you know what anything : oh

yeah bring sweet things they don’t

want you to see they just don’t get

there for you to get yeah you’re not

luck they’re not allowed push it in

society worse in China in America I mean

I even tried to talk to them after I got

out cuz this is what happen in fucking

arrest right and I was smoking a joint

where I am kind of about right now and I

saw it and Mussina does walk out with my

hands up thank God they didn’t shoot you

Jesus I know he’s not a black or a dog

so yeah so they got to uh loudspeaker

this is the US Marshals we have a

warrant for Taylor come on with your

hands up so fucking dead right and I

spent five months in fuckin jumpin and

fucking reason and like they put me on

armed and dangerous’ warrant which

Laconia fugitive armed and dangerous

number one I’m not a fugitive I know

someone who commits a crime in one place

and fleet right so fleeing from one

state to another to avoid being cut

never did that and on their own business

although I am a fucking marine I don’t

own a weapon for that exact reason

because I’m smart guy

all we see the guys in get in trouble is

the marine and he fucked gun there are

vets these days it looks like you see if

that with the gun that there on the news

you can promise me somebody red flagged

him and now he’s doing rescue warriors

one of those people I mean he’s a former

military yeah

so in a special Force Marine so the

thing is is I know these motherfuckers

doing you know fucking so I’m like okay

I don’t own a gun right now and you need

that because the advances you’re messing

with this stuff is automatic California

federal to is like any time you get

caught with anything like a weapon with

any type of drug automatic fucking two

years right so I’m I’m not screwing


liars some guy with some guns right so

and I don’t want to give them a reason

to he’s an ex-marine like you said

ripped like he’s fucking acting crazy I

think that good towels and all kinds of

guns then it makes me look bad if I’m

fucking armored up like a motherfucker

yeah though I got nothing so

they assume he’s a Marine he’s fucking

stack with guns no don’t even hold one

so armed and dangerous

would that did the mean does it make me

fucking at the stands open five months

with no fucking bail because if you’re

armed and dangerous

fuck you don’t get bail okay so they use

all these little things to hold me for

no reason

so anyone won’t extradite you and I need

any court or anything like that during

any of this stuff like they hadn’t

convicted you of anything they’re just

holding your ass no they said we you

know you want to be exercised challenged

extradition get a governor’s morning

right because what I want to what I’m

doing here now is although if instead of

30 days we can extradite me there it’s

gonna be they have up to 90 days now

because the governor had to sign off on

it but what I’m doing there is dragging

the fucking governor of that stadium

down this bullshit you know I mean see

this dumbass motherfucker will fucking

bite right and he does but you know but

he’s getting out soon cuz they swapped

governors like that right after about

out right uh-huh right before I got out

in November December so he didn’t give a

shit so he said I’ll put my name on it

you know but they didn’t do dick there

was no evidence of me doing shit yes

governor signing off on this shit right

so you know that the whole state of

Kentucky was crooked ass motherfucker

and excuse me for cussing why you’re

flying I come so I’m there it’s a fine

paste look and they got a governor’s

work they never extradited me and then

the judge told me earlier in LA in LA

County the fucking worst fucking damn

log well after all of that they didn’t

actually extradite you after smoking

christ almighty this makes me want to

get on a train and go to California and

arrange some sort of protest like right

now she says mr. Taylor this is the

first time I’ve ever seen this being on

bench then they go is for to get it

governor’s war and they don’t even come

get you

I’m very sorry mr. Taylor

fucking ridiculous

I can’t believe that the media won’t

fucking like the mainstream media won’t

pick this up this is look they don’t

want to end up in a box at the end of

the river you know that’s exactly what

it is I’m not fucking you now you see

it’s a perfect example

now you see you don’t even have to fuck

commit a crime to go to jail and not

have fucking bail and you’re stuck in

there oh yeah do that since they passed

the Patriot Act to because they can’t

what all sorts of vague things all over

it now and hold you without bill because

no longer it you know you know like you

were saying you know they even they’re

coming after the highest people in

society now so everyone should be

fucking scared every and everyone in

between from the top to the fucking box

so if I would do Stanford I’m Stanford

educated I’m on fucking marine golden

boy stick out you know they get hammered

it I did everything I’m supposed to

group you like look even though I don’t

you talk about my education or anything

like that because I was already smart

before I went there but the thing is I

want to check those boxes so I could

fucking do I do what I do right so I do

those types of projects right so then

allow me to go but then what I didn’t

you know it’s it’s better yeah I don’t

want to say be not touchable but because

you shouldn’t be touching fucking okay

you’re a good guy he’s not stealing shit

he doing things for the good of

everybody should be untouchable

shouldn’t be able to fuck with you like

they come to these investments and no

fuckin these but they steal my shit and

they turn arrest me because I want I

wanna pilots we should work because they

stole from me they arrest me

the buck I tried to dick I try to get

that report from once and because I

wouldn’t back off they fuckin came after

me fuckin awful like so let me ask you

real quick did you have faith in like

the system prior to this I mean you you

served in the military Special Forces

all that

stuff so yeah are you so I’m painting

the system I have zero now 0:08 in the

system because everyone is dirty okay

everyone that you think the FBI put out

shows you know he seemed doing all this

cool shit doing this dude those

motherfuckers are the corrupt this

motherfuckers around was ICCE AMD then

they’re all corrupt

okay the Department of Justice is fucked


they don’t give a shit about you they

don’t give a shit about me you know shit

about nobody

it’s a person money well yeah I don’t

like the rest of the infrastructure of

our country like our roads oh yeah we

have roads my roads my roads but they’re

all fucking shit everywhere yeah and

that’s basically what the inside of our

country looks like Jews everyone was

bought off now you know I mean it’s just

like I told you you know you like but

you know McConnell he he’s the guy that

put signs on his bill basically that

would that is the budget for federal

government so if he’s like telling the

FBI look you guys want me to cut the

staff by half shut the fuck up and do

what I say that’s the way it really

works right because I saw with the

fucking the FBI get in in Kentucky I’ll

give him everything you know what they

need you to fuck get my shit back and to

fucking get the guys the fuck but you

guys are all cartel right in the cartel

they’re white-collar crimes fucking

cartels are taking about judges and all

kinds of people involved Freddie and so

you know and they got judges signing off

with my fucking morons and ex traditions

and shit like that in the same fucking

judge that that they’re trying to do

shit to me civilly with you know so they

file at five five fucking things against

me in court

you know civilly and I’m the one you

know my companies don’t want I got

stolen from the guy that stole from me

they allowed them to fucking take over

my company and drop the fucking in

litigation against themselves that’s how

fucking corrupt it is if they would

stole my fucking company after this – so

in the end what happened with the him

did it just disappear forever or like is

that still not uh that’s still not

frickin settled or what not so much so

so basically I knew that the Mafia guys

basically stole my shit – because

Italian mafia right the guys called Lee

Lewis gardenscape and uh called that’s a

fucking no where’s my shit you know and

you guys owe me money

he says you know well the landowners

tell us different they say that uh that

if they’re in the that you know we’re

dead only I said you guys already know

machine the contracts when you tried to

buy this from me before and it sells you

now you know look two things I only and

you wanna if you go to buy it you gotta

buy it from me he says okay when we do

deal so what we’ll call it landowners

right now if they say floors we’ll make

you a deal

if not we’ll get out the cane and do a

good old-fashioned Kentucky Kingdom

that’s a boy fuck all

so a phone call and the clips over right

right right back so they must not very

Nance arises no say so what do you ever

take me again motherfucker up came from


fuck you right and so you know exchange

hang up right so at that time that’s how

I ended up with any him because what

they were doing there

they were fucking process in my shit cuz

they these guys the ones are harvested I

found out right and uh basically so

we’re not when that happened they had

the fucking D like a smashing door now

sudden you can’t finish to leave all the

wet behind that’s what was left and what

they tried to give them okay so that

stuff is the only stuff that’s left now

because what they were doing is trying

to get rid of that evidence because

there’s five strains in that warehouse

tested and I lose five strangers

throwing the two strains and there’s

three hundred and thirty thousand pounds

in there you know and uh thing is is but

but there being five strings that means

it mixed everything up number one and so

what they’re trying to do is because you

get rid of the evidence

so like I said you took over my company

they got a custodian running my

company nouns that he gets to make all

the fucking calls right and so he

basically wants to destroy this bring in

some thousand pounds well if you think

about it like this this guy the largest

grower in the United States of a fucking

America right and they’re funny saying

that’s all that group that’s funny

number one okay number two if that is

the case why is this guy in there trying

to destroy this that’s the largest

fucking grow ever in America okay see

this this small twenty kids

oh that produced the bagging you’re

trying to destroy you much he’s asking

the judge to destroy it because it’s

pumping evidence and have known that

from the beginning because when they

tried to bribe me I had all the shit

tested and found out it’s not it not my

shit some of it is okay only one string

is mine recipe not mine okay and uh so

they know it’s evidence that they give

fucking busted so now they’re so I was

one day away from them destroying it and

I was just I was minutes court clerk

Hannon fucking pages off the fucking

printer to look at the hearings yeah are

you even here she said you handed to him

so hot just stop it Sam but it stops so

so yeah that’s still they’re still

messing with that and so it’s no we just

like hanging from a thread over a pool

of lava yeah it was FBI knew about all

this shit so many boy innocent look once

you guys though I’m just fuckin uh

you’re great right so you guys should

confiscate evidence right and they had

like like two months two months to get

redneck they we’re doing shit because

they don’t want find out does they want

to help them do you know I mean because

you’re not helping don’t do shit matter

fact they let me go to Christian so

acted like they were gonna help but I

needed wooden right so I had to have a

plan and put together just stop it so I


my own stuff you know so for Court I

need these attorneys this time because

my attorneys charge me over $500,000 I’m

still fucked

they took a buyout from the billionaire

cousins of doing their woman that owns a

– company to the companies that spoke

for me okay yeah wait I’m being told by

other attorneys not to get a fucking

attorney unless you absolutely unless

they’re your friend like if they’re

actually your friend and you know the

resource they stole from you because

it’s a good buy out you know and so it

just sucks man so everything that but so

then I realized I gotta write my own

briefs I gotta do my own motions and

that’s what I’ve been doing lately since

this all I got out of it and I’ve won

last two so and then thank God for this

Kobe virus and that saved me again was

that horrible figure out like for every

dude that’s not like a lawyer like did

you have to let go learn a bunch of shit

or like how can anybody do that can can

we defend anybody anybody can do it

and you know it’s like you know I was a

date a lot of attorneys you know and so

and I don’t know somehow and I’ve always

thinkin girls that either their parents

were high-powered attorneys or they were

you know it just worked out that way

yeah picked up some shit you know and so

yeah I mean but I mean I basically came

down I had asked the clerk what can I do

but I don’t you hire another one ever

again my life

she and she’s the one axe he told me if

I can do this yeah so so good so the

first time and that’s the stuff where

she was getting stuff off the of the

printer and into the judge I mean

Sheriff like these all kinds of crazy

shit right

emails but there was enough stuff where

the judge said that he could see in

between the three of the lines that so

he I did not let this be destroyed right

cuz there was a lot of evidence I submit

but he said they said well next time you

can’t submit it like this you’ll have to

assume it like this has gotta be you

know conforming to certain you know

yeah temple template basically you know

yeah so I said okay no problem so that’s

right the next time

so the first time wasn’t so it was rough

rough rough rough getting in but it

stuck it did the job the next time we’re

done right so you had mentioned that you

had one – can you specify exactly on

what that is okay so they were gonna

fucking destroy my shit right

so the this nothing is that the

Secretary of my company is a former

governor of Kentucky named governor

Julian M Carroll right and so he spoke

on in on the shifting because he still a

state senator he’s the longest running

politician in Kentucky so during his

last election when Attorney General one

okay governorship he’s come behind him

during the inauguration because he’s the

longest weren’t that right so in the

Attorney General knew about this shit –

so he’s crooked as fuck – Andy Beshear

and I know him as well so I sent him

everything needed was shitty before you

even before he was elected and we need

the Attorney General he didn’t sit among

my 23 under no one gave a fuck right so

you could you know they’re all from dr.

Martin Lagonda Carol tells me that he’s

got this report on my him from the

custodian said what sit next to me no

matter of fact overnight that shit to me

all right

overnight it to me I get it you know my

holy shit that fucking game they’re

gonna destroy my shit I’m hours away

from that shit you can destroy it okay

fuck if I didn’t have movin like that

shit fuck they literally saved your

grass he only said to me because you see

how he didn’t send it till I started

asking questions yeah so it was crooked

and so I skin of my teeth I’ll shave it

so that’s one this next one

basically again oh that was in how I

saved the are asked for testing and that

I want to sell because he said he wasn’t

unable to sell and I was able to prove

the custodian number one wasn’t able to

sell it it was alive because I already

had a company out here in California

that wanted to buy it seven million

dollars okay he didn’t he did not even

tell the court that in his final report

so I used all that and so the courts

like okay we see where you’re going with

this guy’s a fuckin liar to basically

very custodian and so all I also need

that proper testing done to see the mold

in the same stranger there the bales

have been swapped out so I test them so

they give me a certain amount of time to

test the bales and have a bona fide is a

sale in place by this next day well I

didn’t help won it by filling place for

the next day but find enough information

to where they couldn’t destroy the


so it’s put over again so I’m going to

now so so the next one I the win was I

had to tell him like look that’s not my

shit it’s quite fucking strains and

there should only be two and I already

knew that but I’m going to retest it get

it before the court again having to stop

it so I’m one to want to stop it from

when they’re destroyed that day and the

next one when it didn’t have a bona fide

offer because why because I listen most

of shit’s not mine

you know there’s five five season ever

supposed to be too annoying one of those

five is mine so now okay push over and

this coronavirus team came up to so i

got a little bit more time but now we’re

fucking with that but in between i’m

trying to get my company back to because

he made all these allegations against me

was hearing but they tried to kill me in

back in may in 2018 after they kill you

fucking flat out okay do you mind

explaining that hahaha what happened so

good kentucky derby and so the guy who’s

driving me

okay does remember the former governor

of Kentucky Julian Carroll the he still


please escorts to the dirt right and uh

and so basically even one I had the

tickets for from forget uh I got a table

at 8:00 on millionaire row ok sixth

floor and then cuz governor Carol he’s

the one to put the sixth floor on

Churchill Downs that’s how this guy

built everything these were the best

governors they’re at and then uh so

basically eight seats up there put the

table mate and then I got a box o six on

the fourth right covered governors right

so so we get it we get to please do

drivers right so I’m a girl

the name with me and that’s Governor

General Meeting and that is driving

these are Kentucky State Police but he’s

in charge of Internal Affairs right so

as we leave Kentucky Derby we’re gonna

stop or stop over at you know Colonel

Sanders right never know this guy

through the original Colonel Sanders

though the commissioners daughter but

it’s an actual restaurant right next

door this is white mansion used to be

famous right so when we get there I told

him back there please fuckin like so you

put this motherfucker in the room right

right he knows because he’s talking to

me asking me find those other guys


cuz he’s being driven by this other cop

it’s Cali

fuck that no rib meows – so uh this is

the thing

so I knew something’s going on because

he’s asking me all these questions

exactly not Scotty and his partners

driving him so they’re trying to get

information so then after the dinner we

go back to the hotel and so that’s where

my old order is from or does live in

Lexington but the Derby is over there in

Louisville there’s no no place to stay

so I’m standing next and uh the the

lawyer hates me things that most high

partner is a top him lobbyist in America

also that charges me in paint Brown

table which I used to be the director

the directors but I resigned I said

there’s nothing more than a fucking drug

cartel yeah quit I don’t want to be this

because I I believe in a free market I

don’t believe in fixing prices and

controlling it with just a few people

right so that’s what I don’t like so so

I’m staying in Lexington now and then

I’ll book sleep but I see when one eye

open remembering I don’t want to die yet

right yeah so yeah I hate this shit door

knob oh shit it’s a mine

yeah fuck these motherfuckers got a key

right it’s like 247 in the morning right

so of course I pop out there pain comes

in my latex glove and for poverty switch

from fucking someone fucking kick the

fucking door shut you got handing out

this new partner crazy shit man

okay we’re fucking done so I’ll call it

yeah I call it causing here right and uh

a fucking hotel down three hours later

on 5 min the morning I said yeah we got

the guy that’s not even that’s not the

color the gloves he I don’t need it

that’s it you know a set of clipboard so

and I grab the clipboard but see the X

by my room right fucks his escorts on

anyone else’s fucking room because I

think what they did is grab somebody

gave him the clipboard and fucking they

said be this guy but this is no Hayden I

know what’s going on and then he said ah

so what you go out to the third floor I

said look security I want to know every

fucking room that that key access is a

master key sorry we can’t give the

information this is after all so they

had three hours prepared what they’re

gonna say and not new for me right so

when you sit for me crazy shit oh wow

yeah so I’m never going back right there

quartus ii don’t kill me

sounds like you’ve had a wild ride that

is for sure it is you know and I’ve lost

everything to everything from all almost

my kids college tuition every I’ll put

into it you know do you have any way

that people can help you like do you

have any like I don’t know fun set up or

any like accounts people can use to

spread information or anything like that

yeah you could look at uh you know when

I was in jail they said of a GoFundMe

page because they you know just because

of the could beat about what happened

you know yeah and that’s all if you send

that link to us man this is intense like

um I was gonna ask oh shoot

alright Mike get your brain back

together you know what you’re gonna say

I was gonna ask about the there was what

there was only like you know I said I

was looking through all the news and

everything and I felt like these very

vague things about oh it started oh it’s

big it’s ended the only other thing that

I was able to find in there is like

there’s a couple of clips basically

where they’re like talking about how you

supposedly threatened a governor do you

know about that put any real details in

it it didn’t make any sense to me when I

read the paper because it’s always

trying to make it look and I told me in

well for you and what what’s right

underneath that okay is the an email for

from the US inspector general fuckin say

yeah that they’re gonna investigate

so I told me there’s no no you

threatened him with their own fuckin

system that’s obviously a danger so you

know I fucking shit their fucking lives

didn’t threaten nobody but no one’s life

no nothing the Inspector General said

he’s gonna investigate so they’re fucked

it’s kind of funny that after all of

this stuff the only thing

you see out there really are the mention

of the company and then the mention of

it not being there you’d mean there’s

some stuff about the where y’all break

the ground with the shovels yeah but

like aside from that the only other

thing they have is like a couple of

wisps of hay he threatens this dude and

that’s all there is

tabloid shit it is because I’m not

threatened I’m threatened nobody you can

never would I do that why look I’ve got

a 20 million dollar defamation of

character lawsuit against judge Terry

yeah so they just want to get out from

underneath that or at least they should

be like I mean I I would take away my

you stand up for this sort of thing I

mean this is they have broke every

fucking law Under the Sun because that’s

how fucking good I had them fucked

because I fucking I fucking had

everything going the right way and I

fucking properly notated every fucking

be negative and they should be fucked

they shouldn’t be spending wrestlers in

jail but instead they’re able to take

over my company because I’ll tell you

now when they tried to kill me in Maine

I’m not going back to no fucking courts

right so I don’t just do it dissolution

on my company right so I get a an

affidavit for navigating submitting it

to you reply things but to uh basically

uh answer their call protocol a

complaint okay so that is complaints

everything on it they say the misuse

company funds well this is unless he’s

fucking stupid right because their guy


I only designate one guy to run the bank

I never won such a bank

ever since I saw that Enron shit

attached to that big fuck right so I

don’t want

so I even though this money sorry I

don’t wanna do it so that’s what that’s

the first thing they always do

mission chiffons Matt my name is lying

on the bed I can’t even get a dollar out

of it alright so I’m right now and

putting all this stuff down Philippines

okay and he was one of the original

investors I’ll let them run the money

right good so they can’t say it but then

they go ahead and say I did anyways but

the bank can she be okay are you CBD but

the bank CD be citizen for punishment

again yeah right so so I’ve got it done

proper so banks saying not this guy

right so then I put this in Miami David

misuse buns company wasn’t set up right

well remember my old attorney this guy

fuck me number one I think lobbyists in

America and he’s got the number one

business law firm there to frost brown

pot okay so also sorry command costs in

those months so uh so two things they

said I did misuse of funds it didn’t set

my company right well fuck we know we

said for company righteous number one

fucking law firm fuckin City but the guy

didn’t send in any of the corporate

documents to hear me because he wanted

to fund well that’s convenient

yeah very good and then they wouldn’t

accept my affidavit and I’m not going


fuck you go there right so I’m not going

how do they do that like I don’t get

that how do you just not accept an

affidavit I’m confused

I thought they had to be that they never

ever reason okay stupid music in what

he’s not there to cross-examine okay

well let’s see no okay let’s be real

judge okay say okay let’s break it down

there’s so many things on this complaint

let’s just take number one let’s just

say do we even need a cross-examination

of anything cuz let’s say misuse of

funds well we got something here that’s

from the bank

let’s tan Philippine was the only signer

mr. Taylor had nothing to do with the

bank do we need a fucking you know

cross-examination or that fuck no we

don’t because the bank’s saying and

collaborating the fucking answer

okay so no okay next one it was a

company setup right here’s most of the

documents that don’t have these

motherfuckers have right did we need

cross-examination nope okay we have a

cause he’s not just me st. right so that

is the point and then another thing is

is my lawyers get bought off right then

I knew this was happening so I told them

I said look Luke Morgan is trying to

throw the door throw the hearing and I

told me a month ahead of time so I got

another case going in Lexington against

the guys there’s a billionaire who homes

between companies that’s cool for me I

got them pinned down they’re about done

but these other guys this other ship

over in Western Kentucky to get this guy

off to their dog roof will get the

fucking company dissolved over here and

they’ll fucking let that one go that’s

what exactly would happen so I saw what

they were doing and I was like why you

guys stopped and worked on this she

fucking pushing for that one can even go

and they didn’t they let that shit go

and so push me into dissolution didn’t

allow this fucking affidavits going in

fucker took my company and those guys

went and dropped the fucking lawsuit

against themselves so they were able to

take over my company machine guns my

company machinist marshals right god

damn fucking bullshit bro this America

or just fucking Mexico I don’t know I

don’t know I’m hearing some strange

Mexico a geyser the south end of Mexico

where people are actually like running

the government out and the cartels – and

taking their city their challenge back

and stuff so we might actually be worse

than Mexico at this moment and you know

I’m cuss a lot I’m educated well but I

don’t use it like that because you know

in this is your downfall he’s like

because no you’re not nice you don’t

kiss everyone’s ass but you know the

only thing I got left

how I talk you know who I am well

everyone want to take everything from me

and even who I am so I’m sorry if people

don’t like me become like us because I’m

not you know when the call is acceptable

to the communities a little fuck you

know because I’m me I want to be me I

don’t wanna change for this fucking girl

here put that girl in there because this

makes me think

take they’d already took and everything

else for me fuck you now you want to

take all what fucking talk away

take water drink away with a smoke away

fuck that shit

use only think things I got it so

apologize you think I’m not educated

because it cost but it means degree

oh yeah I don’t yeah we go cause in the

end game I just have a quick question

what did you go to Stanford for

structural engineering so I think I

think we’ll talk about like how you got

into like camp and weed on the net in

the next video I think that’d be

interested people like more about your

process and everything despite the fact

that they are digging you over and maybe

do some like updates and see what’s

going on and shit right now we’re

writing the motion to get my company

back that hold true they should have and

to kick out this custodian and then

bring my company back what are you

feeling about that like is that

something that’s a big tall order or is

it something that you think you got you

got well I think I got it you know I

think I got this you know because thing

is this judge he’s the spot because not

only did he allow these guys because

another thing what they did is when they

bribed me that filed a lawsuit against

me and my company and then they came to

me and said look we drop the lawsuit is

you own your company but here is the

entire 2018 crop that’s the bribe and

figured since they put the pressure on

me they had a lawsuit against me and

then against my company said to give me

this they say hey here take this and go

away that would take I’m not a bitch

alright I’m not doing it okay because I

I have things I want to do the company

is set up properly to do all these nice

things for America and to also be a

standard in the hip industry my company

for all the other companies to adhere to

because we do not under report we do not

steal not all the bad shit we don’t do

right that’s why they don’t like because

they figure they can’t get rich from

from doing the right thing but you know

what there’s so much the profit margins

are so big I don’t mind to pay the tax

because there’s still a lot of money

left over you could help a lot of people

everyone if every fuckin corporate

officer or head of a company thought

this way fuck America could be a great

place for this but nobody does everyone

want to fuckin siphon all the money out

of the companies so the guys that even

drink on they’ve got a lot of my hair


they claim bankruptcy this year they

went from like I was biggest they they

were down the biggest after me no way

they could have been because they grew

300 fuckin acres a year before

did you I’m wondering because they find

out on my fucking third party used

artisan fucking guys fuck what they say

what they think

fuck you Maddie you that’s the CEO of

fucking fucking charge everything have

people working for and then they fucking

clean bankruptcy so no one could collect

nothing what a bunch of fucking bitches

all right that’s not the first time I’ve

heard of that before

that’s something that I’ve heard about a

lot of different kinds of companies

doing and if you can’t look my companies

still not bankrupt they stole everything

from my company I’m not favorite that

guy ended up with a lot of my shit and

he found bankruptcy and so a bunch of

other ones damp industry tell you right

there doing shit right well I mean

that’s what Mike and I are always

screaming about like you know we’re very

Pro free market

capitalism things of that nature but

there’s a huge difference between

free-market capitalism and crony

capitalism there’s so many fucking

corrupt people in these corporate

positions that are fucking over

everybody just to make an extra dollar

and that’s not what it’s supposed to be

about it’s supposed to be like what

you’re doing and giving back to the

communities and stuff that’s what’s

supposed to be about you give a back a

fuck ton and still live super

comfortably I would imagine yes I’m give

away the chance of cheering drugs just

needs for cancer patients I give it away


threat to the way that they do things if

people saw other people doing those

things they’d be like why are you not

doing these things and then there would

be boycotts and people screaming and

they would have to do things like paper

straws right right so they always I mean

is always growing up and even when I’m

into my doors one person cannot make a

difference and I was like fuck that I

always thought no way one person can’t

make guns and they almost stopped me

think they almost got me thinking that

way again that I couldn’t because when

after I’m telling you Dan was broke me

as a motherfucker man

after that spent in LA County when they

put me in there with the fucking rapists

and murderers and everything i team up

with some fucking bad guys in there

right just to stay alive okay

and I almost thought to myself I didn’t

always think to myself I thought to

myself fuck that everyone’s right one

fucking motherfucker cannot make a

difference the King King King but then

you know I got out and I started getting

a little traction again but you know

what fuck they don’t let don’t think

that work because one man can we can’t

make the difference you’ve gotta keep

pushing on or else look look at you

everything you’ve done and then you

failed at the very last fucking you know

mile now I can’t you gotta keep running

so I’m gonna keep running and tell you

guys one make in with the fucking

difference I got to make a happen if I

don’t like having you we’re all fucked

yeah you know I mean you guys want you

to win you know what I mean you’re not

alone out there

people who want you to win people who

need you to win and hopefully after this

there’s gonna be even more people we’re

gonna be throwing this at everybody oh

we’re gonna get out here as much as I

want this to be out like tomorrow it’s

probably going to take up you at least

at least a handful of days for me to get

it looking nice and everything but like

I want this to go to everybody and I

mean if you’re out there watching this

right now you’ve made it this far thank

you for sitting through here and talking

and I mean in listening to this and if

you want to come talk about it if you um

you can get down into our comments you

can come into our discord and discuss

stuff with us the link and share them to

your social medias please share this

because y’all out there sharing this

shit we don’t get to push real things

through media anymore they’re not going

don’t let don’t like this talk to you we

need to also like you to share this kind

of stuff out there and if you want us to

be able to make more of it you can drop

us some crypto in the links below or get

into our subscribe star and help fund us

getting out there and getting this kind

of stuff pushed out there and you know

we’ll make this fucking thing happen we

have to come together at a time like


we have reality and the government

pushing back against us they don’t want

you guys to fucking be able to get these

stories you don’t they wanted to be able

to take people like me out and put them

away but nobody knows their way yeah

hold never ever know Oh Keith it’s been

an absolute pleasure listening to your

story well I mean it hasn’t been a

pleasure listening to that you’re great

at telling it for sure it’s yeah it’s

just a terrible story like I’m so sorry

all this stuff has that happened to you

I mean it sounds like you’re a great guy

and it’s so shitty that our own

government is working against you while

you’re trying to do good yeah it’s it’s

disparaging you know it you know Mike

and I are kind of

we don’t have the road rose-colored

glasses on anymore but there’s so many

people that I feel are going to hear

this and hopefully it’s eye-opening to

them and they realize that you know the

government isn’t working for them the

police’s are not working for them the

FBI and CIA CIA aren’t here to make them

safer for the FDA and to make them safer

and all the communications with those

with those agencies that could show

everybody that they don’t do anything

and we will we’ll make sure that you

guys get to see those things because

this shit has to go out this shit cannot

be allowed to be silenced we have to

keep it alive yeah thank you guys time

you know thanks dude I hope that you

stay strong and you say free so that we

can talk I hope you stay in contact dude

because like you seem to be really cool

you seem to be very genuine and if

there’s anything that we can do to help

you just reach out okay we’re small but

many of us we are big the rest of you

guys out there stay strong stay safe and

stay free this episode of stirring the

tea is adjourned

meet the good guys in America actually

the bad guys but Senator McConnell

behind me in congressman comer and I was

able through through them and myself to

getting commodity and legalized Donald

Trump Kentucky Department of Agriculture

it was a fucking joke by the way okay

commissioner who’s a beast shit so they

decide we’re gonna cover it up


King’s Royal Biotech, 2300 Acres stolen, Summary. PLEASE DONATE, FIGHT CORRUPTION ??

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gippro acquired strategic investment by Meilleure Health to develop CBD business globally

Japanese vape brand gippro announced the acquisition of strategic investment by Meilleure Health International (02327.HK) on August 12.

After this financing round, gippro will continue to consolidate its existing business, accelerate product development iteration and sales channel building, and strengthen the vape marketing and promotion ability at home and abroad.


At the same time, the two sides signed a joint venture agreement to jointly establish a Japanese operating company, engaged in research and development of atomization technology for healthy raw materials such as Cannabidiol (CBD), as well as brand operation and sales of related electronic atomization products, thus opening up the global industrial strategic development of the industrial cannabis part.

In recent years, the fever of industrial cannabis has not decreased, and the process of legalization of industrial cannabis has been accelerating all over the world. Cannabinoid will be widely used in medical and consumer fields. Among them, CBD vaping oil is one of the most mature health scenarios for cannabinoid application.

gippro is an electronic cigarette brand founded in Tokyo, Japan. It has mature and advanced experience in electronic atomization technology and electronic consumer equipment and supply chain resources. It has closed 10 million RMB Angel financing round in July 2018.


Meilleure International is an international industrial group listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange market. Its business covers the fields of healthy life, health care and hemp health.

The joint venture is based on the application of atomization technology. It’s also based on the good prospects of CBD in the Japanese health market and excellent policy environment. Research, development, production and operation of an internationalized electronic atomization equipment brand with cannabinoid with its featured healthy raw material, is another important measure for the global distribution of cannabis by Meilleure Health.

What is the background of the cannabis company invested twice by Li Ka-shing?

Demetrix, a hemp technology company, has completed a $50 million A round of financing for cannabinoid biosynthesis. Tuatara Capital led the round, and seed round investor Horizons Ventures also participated.

Horizons Ventures, as Li Ka-shing’s personal investment agency, has invested in Facebook, Skype, and in recent years has bet on artificial meat, encrypted assets and other frontier areas, investing in Zoom, Impossible Food, Bakkt, Slack and other companies.

What’s Demetrix’s background, what’s its advantage, why is it favored by Li Ka-shing’s personal investment institutions and participated in investment twice?


Key Technologies: Cannabinoid Synthesis by Yeast

Demetrix’s most interesting technology is cannabinoid synthesis by yeast. This technology is very similar to beer fermentation, but it uses genetically modified yeast cells to ferment cannabinoid.

But Demetrix is not the sole producer of cannabinoid synthesized by yeast. Several companies are involved, such as CB Therapeutics and Hyasynth Bio, a Canadian startup, to enter the cannabinoid synthesis market, and Intrexon Corporation and Surterra Wellness to co-invest. InMed Pharmaceutical Co. is also actively engaged in the biosynthetic cannabinoid project to promote commercial production of fermented cannabinoid based on $100 million.

Demetrix’s advantage is that Demetrix can obtain the exclusive license of its founder Jay Keasling’s research team in Berkeley, which is its absolute competitive advantage.

Demetrix's advantage is that Demetrix can obtain the exclusive license of its founder Jay Keasling's research team in Berkeley, which is its absolute competitive advantage.

Key person: Jay Keasling

Jay Keasling, founder of the company and professor of chemical engineering and bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley, is currently focusing on the development of Engineering Chemistry and genetic tools within microorganisms and one of the most important authorities in synthetic biology.

On February 27, 2019, Nature published a research paper on the chemical synthesis of cannabinoids and their unnaturalanalogues in yeast by enzymes, namely Complete biosynthesis of cannabinoids and their unnaturalanaloguesin yeast. Using galactose as raw material, heterologous reconstruction of cannabinoids biosynthesis pathway was completed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, including cannabis. Biosynthesis of terpenoid phenolic acid (CBGA), tetrahydrocannabinol (THCA), cannabinol (CBDA) and their derivatives. Professor Jay Keasling, Ph.D. Hou Luo Xiaozhou of the Institute of Quantitative Biological Sciences, University of California, Berkeley, is the co-author of the paper.

After the publication of the results, it aroused wide repercussions. Jay Keasling subsequently established Demetrix in California and was authorized from the University of California, Berkeley, to use yeast fermentation technology to produce cannabinoid.

Prospects are promising: the demand for cannabinoid from edible cannabinoid products, medicines and daily chemical products is rising

A variety of cannabinoids have been proved to be of great medical value. The report released by Grand View Research Inc, an international market research company, predicts that the global market value of cannabis for medical use will be as high as $55.8 billion by 2025. At present, THC and CBD are mainly used for medical applications and drug synthesis. There are 306 CBD clinical trials in major countries and organizations around the world. In the future, a large number of safe and stable cannabinoid raw materials will be needed for drug delivery to the market.

a large number of safe and stable cannabinoid raw materials will be needed for drug delivery to the market.

In addition, cannabinoid-based food and beverage has become one of the popular trends in North America, and BDS Analytics, a company that studies the cannabis market, has published a report on the edible market of cannabis, which shows that expenditure on cannabis edibility is expected to increase from $1.5 billion in 2018 to $4.1 billion by 2022.

Cannabis skin care is also one of the trends in the future. Jefferies analysts predict that in the next decade, CBD alone will be able to reach $25 billion in beauty products and will account for 15% of the skin care market.

On the other hand, cannabis ban has not been lifted worldwide. Planting and production are still under supervision. How to solve the legislative problems and shortage of raw materials, perhaps biosynthesis is a good way.


At present, there are more than 130 cannabinoids, of which only about five or six have been studied. The content of cannabinoids in hemp flowers and leaves is only 0.1%, 0.01%, or even 0.001%, so the cost of extraction can be as high as 100,000-350,000 US dollars per kilogram.

Cannabinoid synthesis by yeast will greatly reduce the cost of synthesis and expand cannabinoid production capacity. In February, when Jay Keasling’s team published their paper, yeast cannabinoid production was THC 8 mg/l and CBD less than 8 mg/l, but now the company’s production has increased by several orders of magnitude. Jeff Ubersax, chief executive of Demetrix, said the company would continue to expand production to 2,000 to 20,000 litres by 2020.

Is there any other correlation between Li Ka-shing’s two investments in Demetrix?

In September 2017, Jay Keasling collaborated with Shenzhen Advanced Institute to establish a laboratory of synthetic biology.

Following the release of the results of the Jay Keasling team in February this year, the Jay Keasling team signed an agreement with a domestic biotechnology enterprise in Shenzhen Advanced College. The two sides will invest tens of millions of dollars to establish a joint laboratory. As for which company, whether it cooperates with biosynthetic cannabinoids has not been disclosed, but is it Demetrix’s first opportunity to attract Li Ka-shing’s investment?

Shenzhen Advanced College

In addition, many Chinese researchers have participated in the research of cannabinoid synthesis.

If we are careful, we will find that besides this project, many Chinese enterprises and research institutes have participated in the research of synthetic cannabis project.

We have previously reported that ICC International tobacco Corp. has completed its $1.2 million strategic investment in Biotii Technologies Corp., a private biotechnology company in Boston, Massachusetts. Biotii is also a company that synthesizes cannabinoids genetically, and its news reveals that Biotii has established an important partnership with leading medical research institutions in China. The Biotii Leadership Team also includes a Chinese, labeled as a graduate student of Xiamen University and co-founder of a government-funded start-up company.

china cbd synthesizes cannabinoids

This also shows that China has entered the field of biosynthetic cannabinoid early and is expected to become a strong player in this field. Whether it can truly achieve commercial production depends not only on technology, but also on the legislative environment. At present, there is no clear statement about the synthesis of cannabinoid at home and abroad, and wait and see.

Buying CBD for the First Time? Read This Guide First

Like with medical marijuana, the wonderful world of CBD can be slightly overwhelming for a newbie and with the mainstream media going crazy for its health benefits, more and more companies are popping up selling a variety of different CBD products, such as CBD vape, the vape pen, capsules, CBD gummies, and other CBD edibles, CBD isolate, a CBD tincture or two, and even CBD dog treats. With so much information (and misinformation) flying around the Internet and through word of mouth, many of those who are curious about experiencing the benefits of nature’s miracle supplement are finding themselves confused about what to take and when.

So, in a bid to clarify things and debunk some myths about CBD, or cannabidiol oil, along with the potential effects and benefits of CBD, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to get started with buying CBD for the first time. Looking to buy CBD? Read on.

Not All CBD Oil Is Created Equal

Buying CBD

The very first thing you need to understand in order to get started with making a CBD purchase is that not all oils will be effective and the effects of CBD will differ. The rise in popularity with regards to CBD products means that every day, new CBD companies are popping up left, right, and center and, unfortunately, many of them offer poor quality oils at extortionate prices. You should always look for the following criteria before making a decision about which brand to purchase.

  • Full spectrum CBD not isolate
  • Organic-, GMO-, and pesticide-free
  • CO2 extraction method for purity
  • Transparency with regards to ingredients and concentrate
  •  Third-party lab tested
  •  The company is willing to provide a lab report on request
  • Legal amount of THC

Buying a full spectrum oil means that you will also be able to enjoy all of the benefits from the whole plant and not just the isolated cannabinoid compound.

Don’t Be a Penny Pincher

Buying CBD

Absolutely everyone loves a bargain in life and, most often, if someone knows they can get away with cutting corners to save money to buy CBD oil in tincture form, they will! This is absolutely fine when it comes to superficial products, but not when it comes to a product that we ingest into our bodies. Trying to save money by buying CBD oil that is way cheaper than other brands is pretty much the same as setting fire to the total amount you will be paying. Producing a pure, full spectrum CBD oil that is extracted in the purest way is expensive, which is why many of the reputable CBD manufacturers charge a higher price for their products. If you purchase premium quality oil from a reputable vendor, you might pay a higher price, but you will also be safe in the knowledge that the positive benefits are in sight.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Each and every one of us has a completely unique endocannabinoid system and the efficacy of a particular dose of CBD depends on the following factors:

  • Severity of your condition
  • Body weight
  • Height
  • Metabolic rate
  • Tolerance
  • Fitness level

This means that two drops of CBD oil might work really well for some people, but won’t even touch the sides with others. As it stands, the dosage is one of the biggest hurdles that cause new CBD users to become frustrated or give up in favor of pharmaceuticals. Before purchasing CBD oil, consider how serious your symptoms are and how you usually respond to medication. If you usually need a higher dose to feel an effect, then you might need to gradually increase your dose of CBD to several drops each day, in which case buying a bigger sized bottle could end up saving you money in the long run.

Do Your Research

Buying CBD

And, by that, we mean Google should become your best friend until you make a decision about which CBD oil to purchase. A simple search of “most reputable CBD companies in your area” should produce a list of rated and reviewed companies. And the great thing about the Internet is that you cannot hide from it. This means that a genuine company will have received reputable reviews and a company offering poor products will also be ousted. A good quality CBD brand will have received media praise as well as recommendations from users online.

If in Doubt, Ask!

Buying CBD

2019 has seen a rise in small businesses, especially within the CBD industry. Many of the companies offering CBD oil online will happily take the time to clear up any questions you might have and the better websites will offer an in-depth FAQ section.

Check the THC Levels

One of the common myths about CBD oil is that it will get you high. This is categorically not true and here’s why:

The Cannabis or hemp plant is made up of hundreds of compounds, the two primary ones being CBD and THC. THC is the compound that gets you high and it is only found in incredibly limited quantities in full spectrum oil. Legally, there cannot be more than 0.3% THC in CBD oil and this tiny amount will not produce any psychoactive effects when combined with CBD. If you live in a state where marijuana has been legalized, then it is possible that some dispensaries will sell oils containing a higher amount of THC. If in doubt, always check before making a purchase and, in any case, this information should be prominent on the packing of the product you want to buy.

Final Thoughts

The power of word of mouth goes a long way, especially when it comes to “hot topics” like CBD. Thanks to the Internet and public forums, scam artists are quickly exposed. In turn, good products will receive praise from consumers, media outlets, and, of course, social media. Spending some time browsing the Internet for CBD oil recommendations makes navigating the confusion you might be experiencing much easier and on finding a brand you feel confident about, a quick Google search on their company name will reveal everything you need to know about their products. 

This article is originally published at SundayScaries.

CBD global financing has exceeded $13.8 billion – Explosive growth of CBD industry

The global industrial cannabis market has witnessed new growth since Canada legalized cannabis and the United States passed the Hemp Farming Act of 2018.

According to data released by Viridian Capital Advisors, a consulting firm in the hemp industry, global cannabis companies have raised nearly $13.8 billion in 2018. The industrial hemp part in the world’s major stock markets soars, and the continuous rise of the cannabis index becomes common.

Moreover, with the rapid increase of CBD users, CBD products get popular in the consumer market. It seems that more and more enterprises begin to invest and strengthen themselves in the CBD market.

CBD market potential is great according to the change of the giant enterprises

According to the Associated Press, Altria Group, the world’s largest tobacco company, bought 45% of Cronos Group, a well-known Canadian cannabis listed company, with $1.8 billion, and they might increase its stake to 55% in the next five years.

The food and beverage giants, such as Coca-Cola, Heineken, Budweiser and Constellation Group have also made great efforts to develop the CBD market and developed many foods and beverages containing CBD in 2018. According to various sources compiled by Canadian media BNN Bloomberg Television, Coca-Cola is very interested in developing beverages containing CBD ingredients.cannabis coco cola

Coca-Cola admits that they develop hemp drinks because CBD cola can relieve inflammation, pain and spasm. In response to media emails, the company also explained, “We are paying close attention to the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as a component of functional health drinks worldwide. This field is developing rapidly.

In addition, according to the Washington Times, senior executives of retail giants such as Walmart and Target have recently met quietly with manufacturers of beverages, fudge, topical creams and CBD oils.

In fact, this is not the first time Walmart was reported to set foot in the cannabis field. In October last year, Walmart’s Canadian company announced that it was exploring the possibility of selling CBD-containing products in stores in Canada. Although Wal-Mart spokesman Diane Medeiros said they would not sell any CBD products until full legalization, it continued to drive up Walmart’s share price after the news of the day.

Since then, Wal-Mart has announced a partnership with New Age Beverages Corporation, a health functional beverage company, to sell its three new beverage combinations in all retail stores in the United States.

New Age Beverages cannabis

Although Walmart repeatedly emphasized that the three products on sale would not involve CBD components, investors and the market remained optimistic, and the industry also said that the cooperation with New Age Beverage Company at this time might be the preparation for Walmart’s CBD products to be listed in the future.

Due to the huge medical value and market space of CBD products, senior consultants of ARCVIEW Group have evaluated CBD industry, and the market size of CBD is expected to reach 22 billion US dollars by 2022.

According to market research firm ARCVIEW, legitimate cannabis sales in North America reached about $7 billion in 2016, and sales are expected to grow at an average annual rate of 27% over the next five years, reaching $22.6 billion by 2021.

Buy new CBD oil from the CBDJAPAN

Koicbd of CBDJAPAN is a professional Japanese company that has 30 years exporting experience, and able to ship the CBD products to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, USA – Proved by Vapehk.


Growing CBD demand promotes Chinese CBD device manufacturing growth


On the other hand, industrial cannabis may still be a sensitive topic in the world, but with the introduction of many studies, not only the food retail giants and investors are optimistic about the development prospects of the industry, but also the manufacturing of CBD device will be boosted.

Compared with the traditional “flower” and “paste”, CBD oil is not only simpler and more convenient to use, but also can achieve the same effect. Because of this reason, the demand for CBD device in Europe and America has increased greatly, and China domestic suppliers of CBD atomization products & vapes have been actively sought.

We contacted CBD-related enterprise VELXtech recently, which is founded in Xixiang, Shenzhen in August 2018, is an innovative atomization technology solution supplier integrating strong technical foundation, high-end factory, perfect production system and quality control system, providing innovative, safe and effective atomization technology, device and related solutions for overseas CBD legal areas.

VELX tells us that the main reason why CBD device can develop at a high speed is that CBD not only has been proved to have an effective therapeutic effect on spasm, anxiety, inflammation and pain in a certain range of quantities, but also has an explosively growing user group with the demand increasing day by day“.

VELX, as early as its inception, took innovative CBD atomization technology development as the main direction, and completed VELX atomization technology by independent research and development. Based on this technology, VELX also develop a variety of its own new technical products, such as atomizers, batteries, disposable atomizing device, pod systems, etc. Moreover, they provide customized OED, ODM services and CBD technology solutions to the growing European and American CBD market.


In fact, VELX is a subsidiary company of Geekvape. As the company has six supply chain subsidiaries, it has great advantages in production, research and manufacturing, so it is easier to control product details, information transmission, quality consistency and so on.

VELX has established a strong core team for the development of CBD market, including R&D experience leaders in atomization technology field for many years, sales leaders who are good at the management and service of large overseas customers and the operation of fo overseas projects, and design teams who have been awarded the German Red Dot Award and if Design Award.

VELX stressed that although the production of any type of CBD oil is prohibited in China, the future prospects are still good from the perspective of device development. After all, most of the core technology of CBD devices comes from the electronic cigarette. For enterprises with a deep foundation of electronic cigarette manufacturing, the legitimacy of CBD only means business transformation and increased opportunities to enter the market.

VELX atomization technology has been used in many of the company’s products, and VELX passed relevant tests after the introduction of California Heavy Metals Act on CBD device. On the other hand, VELX has also developed a highly adaptable Prism battery based on the characteristics of CBD oil to enable customers to have a better CBD experience.

Though the long development cycle of CBD device needs a lot of trial and error, VELX team has reached a considerable level in research and development. As long as customers feedback a specific issue, the company can quickly put forward improvement plans according to customer needs, and accurately grasp the needs in use to provide most accurate and useful technical services for customers.

VELX said, “Technology research and development and high quality production are the foundation of VELX. On this basis, we will develop new products, technologies and other products related to this field, and become a trustworthy brand of CBD innovative atomization technology in the cannabis industry.”velxtech


Since the end of 2018, the United States passed the Agricultural Amendment Act, which removed industrial cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act, CBD industry has witnessed an unprecedented wave of growth. However, with the rising trend slowdown of traditional retail sales, the retail market has been constantly impacted. Food enterprises have to solve the current dilemma and actively embrace the new consumer market.

Although retailers are less likely to make high profits from CBD, consumers have shown strong willingness to consume CBD products, no matter from CBD oil, CBD device, functional drinks or other related categories. And there is a demand, there is a market. If there is no future for CBD development, VELX will not rush into the CBD field.

In addition, according to the financial report of Canadian cannabis producer Tilray for the first quarter of 2019, its revenue in the first quarter of 2019 was $23 million, rising nearly 195% compared to the same period last year. This shows that the growth momentum of CBD has not slowed down, and the action of the relevant enterprises to enter the CBD market is after good consideration and preparation.

Compare to the new brand VELX, ALD GROUP has been the number 1 for over 10 years in the CBD device manufacturing industry. And the invisible king of the CBD device should be titled to ALD without any doubt. Click below to see more about ALD:

Approaching the “Invisible King” of Electronic Cigarette Enterprises

An interview to the head of CBD industry HMI Group, Tan Xin by Dr. V

Mr. Tan Wei, the founder of HMI Group, is interviewed by the Chinese vape trend culture magazine Dr. V and published forward-looking opinions on the concept of industrial marijuana, and views on the present and future of the cannabis industry and the trend of the combination of vapes and marijuana.

dr. v Founder of HMI Group, Tan Xin
Founder of HMI Group, Tan Xin

“CBD is synonymous with health. The wave of global legalization of cannabis is due to the strong effects of cannabis on human health, especially for neurological diseases. Medical marijuana fully reflects people’s pursuit of physical health. This is something that no organization or government can block.”

Background: Selling recreation use cannabis to people in China is very likely to be sentenced to death

The following is the original interview:

Re-recognizing canna

Dr. V: “You have done a very large legal cannabis business in China. So what is the legalization of industrial marijuana?”

Tan Xin: “In traditional education, we began to hate drugs because of the opium war against the Chinese people. The attitude towards drugs is actually the same in the world. But everyone seems to have overlooked a problem, that is, the use and dosage, if properly controlled, many so-called poison ingredients can also become a good medicine.

For example, arsenic trioxide, also known as ‘arsenic’, has special effects in the treatment of certain leukemias. This shows that in a reasonable place, mineral poisoning can also be very good medicine.

The same is true for morphine, which is a form of opioid, but patients with advanced cancer use morphine to relieve pain. When morphine is used as a medicine, it gains world recognition. Morphine drugs are also known as opioids in the United States. In the recent ‘Fentanini Incident’, Trump has said that opioid products are poisoning Americans (such drugs are mostly produced in Chinese factories) because the drugs are addictive. But at the same time, the stock price of the companies involved in the production and sales of cannabisdiol (CBD) has risen sharply. This shows that in the future, cannabidiol will replace traditional morphine pain killer drugs.

The third example is Yunnan Baiyao, which is familiar to all of us. There is a Chinese medicine called Yunnan Uygur in the formula of Yunnan Baiyao. It is the ‘breaking grass’ mentioned in our martial arts novels and is toxic. Yunnan Baiyao was removed from Hong Kong in the past few years. Europeans and Americans have never agreed with this ingredient. However, the Chinese believe that the legal preparation process and legal use will bring benefits to the human body. Just like in ancient China, people have used poison to kill the poison.

We can say that marijuana is a useful ingredient as long as it is established as a starting point for the sake of health after talking about the above three cases. And it’s beneficial when using at a proper dose.”

Dr. V: What is your understanding of medical marijuana? What is the prospect of HMI in this regard?

Tan Xin: Pharmaceutical is the most healthy and ideal direction. Cannabis has more toxins than other plants. For example, poppies are difficult to make fast-consuming products and beverages, because a little use will immediately activate the human spirit, so it can only drugs can be used. Because of its complex composition, marijuana has more than one hundred ingredients that are not found in other plants. Many substances extracted from hemp is isolated from toxins can be used as food health products. Therefore, we cannot use the term “marijuana” to cover all the characteristics of marijuana.


Dr. V: What are the specific differences between recreational marijuana and industrialized marijuana? Does it mean that entertaining marijuana is cannabis that retains some toxins? Is medical marijuana that removes toxins and only retains health-care substances?

Tan Xin: It can’t be fully understood like this. Because the “toxin” component of cannabis, a “toxin” component, also has medicinal value, it is also a raw material for pharmaceuticals in biopharmaceuticals. However, if this ingredient is not used in medicine, it can become a major component of entertainment cannabis in the market.

CBD with Infinite Potential

Dr. V: As far as you know, what is the competitive advantage of the CBD in the legalization of cannabis worldwide?

Tan Xin: Cannabidiol is not legally available worldwide. Some countries are still relatively in the gray area. The latest news is that the regular session of the sixty-second session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs will be held in Vienna from March 18 to 22, 2019. The cannabis industry is looking forward to the resolutions of the conference, as this meeting received and considered the following recommendations from WHO: Pure cannabinol (CBD) should not be included in the international drug control conventions, it is legal worldwide since this day. The application of CBD is quite extensive. I have seen reports that 7 out of 100 people in the United States will use related products, and the usage rate is very high, far exceeding THC. In the electronic cigarette industry, THC cigarettes have a market advantage in the early days of opening, but in reality, the potential of THC is limited. In the United States or Canada, people who smoke marijuana usually have a party, and some people may only smoke it one or two times in their lifetime. It is not a standing fast-consumer product. The CBD e-cigarette can be turned into a product that can be vaped at any time. It can relieve stress and so on, and it will be more competitive in the future.


Dr. V: How do you think about the legalization of CBD in China?

Tan Xin: There’s a future from the beginning. Everything has a breakthrough. Now that China has a breakthrough in “industrial use” of cannabis, we will develop it in a formal and state-prescribed form and gradually expand its influence. Whether through the way of atomization or eating, people should be able to enjoy the benefits of CBD.


Dr. V: We already know that many domestic enterprises have obtained industrial marijuana licenses. What do you think is the core of CBD in the future?

Tan Xin: I think these companies belong to those who see the potential of the future in the capital market, but can these new companies stick to it? First of all, we need to know what licenses are. Planting licenses are totally different from industrial hemp mosaic processing licenses. Planting licenses without subsequent extraction and processing capabilities are not of great value, so many planting enterprises must rely on extraction and separation enterprises to develop, and it is difficult for them to have core competitiveness in the industrial hemp industry.


Dr. V: As a listed company with permission to grow cannabis, what do you know about Shunhao Co., Ltd?

Tan Xin: Shunhao is one of the partners of Hanma Investment Group. The electronic cigarette company jointly owned by Shun Hao and Dongfeng is called Lvxin. A joint venture company was established with Hanma Group’s Hansu Biology, an extraction plant with the Industrial Hemp Mosaic Processing License, to explore the application of industrial hemp substrates in HNB vape products.


Dr. V: PAX, JUUL, PMI and other enterprises are involved in the CBD industry. What are your views on the global CBD industry future prospect?

Tan Xin: I don’t think the industry data of this industry is real enough. Every time an industry report comes out, it will be overturned by other industry reports in a month or two, and the number of reports is extremely large. I can not use a single data to summarize the future CBD market usage, but I can give an example of Hanma Group. We produce a drug for epilepsy, 300 mg per person per day, then 10,000 people will use one ton per year. In the future, if 5% of China’s 9 million epilepsy patients use our medicine, it will be 45 tons of CBD. China currently has 300 million smokers, so it would be a gigantic number for CBD usage.


CBD and Electronic Cigarette

Dr. V: At present, CBD has been integrated with electronic cigarette industry in North America, and electronic cigarette has become a derivative of cannabis. What do you think of this problem?

Tan Xin: If CBD is used in electronic cigarettes, it really changes the traditional entertainment scenario and use of electronic cigarettes. Therefore, making CBD electronic cigarettes needs later market education. In fact, electronic cigarette does not belong to cagarette in my opinion, but is an aerosol route of drug administration. We know that many asthmatic patients use aerosol route because of faster absorption. CBD electronic cigarettes are easy to understand if we change our concept into an atomized route of administration. But it can’t be the form of cigarette, which is also the idea I advocate with many electronic cigarette companies. Atomization platform is the concept of health, just like your magazine’s original intention is to focus on big health. In fact, the same thing can be said differently, and it will be more accurate for people. Therefore, the combination of electronic cigarette and marijuana cannot leave the word “health”, so that the application of industrial marijuana will have a stronger vitality.


Dr. V: Do you think that the combination of CBD and electronic cigarette equipment will become the best way of CBD intake and the industry trend?

Tan Xin: Some people have said that cannabis products will be the world’s largest consumer goods. In combination with marijuana, we can adjust the vapes to allow people to vape until there is a fantastic feeling. More marijuana consumers do not actually want to enjoy the overwhelming pleasure, just like many people drink but not to get drunk, they enjoy a slightly drunk feeling. Electronic cigarettes have the ability to make you little drunk, it can be controlled, so that the market space will be very large. From the perspective of investment of Altria and Anglo-American tobacco, the CBD industry is very promising.


Dr. V: How does a small electronic cigarette device realize the medical effect of CBD through atomization?

Tan Xin: If the electronic cigarette itself is added to the CBD, no matter what oil is used as the carrier, there is a problem of solubility, so it does not work well. Most electronic atomization device is also a conceptual product. For example, a 1-2 mg CBD does not have much impact on the human body. In the biopharmaceutical field, the CBD needs to achieve a certain amount of efficacy. The development of higher-end devices capable of heating pure CBD will have market space in the future. Our group is also doing this work, it will be more targeted at people with diseases that need treatment, not just a concept.


Dr. V: In the export of the vape industry, CBD has become one of the main raw materials of vape juice containing nicotine. Do you think China is likely to become an exporter of raw materials in the future?

Tan Xin: China’s not going to be the biggest exporter. Because with 40 years of development, China has no production advantage now. Our labor costs are very high. Countries like Vietnam and Myanmar have greater advantages. We need to make our own market now.


HMI, Present and Future of Industrial Cannabis in China

Dr. V: What are the main businesses of Hanma Investment Group at present?

Tan Xin: Hanma Group is the only enterprise with the whole cannabis industrial chain in China. From seed planting, extraction, processing, R&D, intellectual property rights, to products and markets, we have formed an industrial closed-loop. Hanma Group has done so many things from beginning to end, which is not my wish, because China’s law is not sound at the beginning, no company can cooperate with us, to make the industrial chain is also a special case of the times. From the first day of participating in the industry of cannabis, we have positioned the investment group in the direction of biopharmaceuticals, and its strategic direction is very clear.

For some non-pharmaceutical patents and research results, we will also slowly release to integrate with the fast-food industry. At present, ALD, who has worked as our partner, has the main direction of marijuana oil vape product. Some large domestic electronic cigarette companies are also buying products from us to do research. A listed company providing flavor for China tobacco is also developing and heat not burn cigarettes with our raw materials.

In addition to the tobacco fast consumer industry, we have also made some cooperation with some food brands to make cannabis food, of course, in accordance with Chinese law. We have plans to do research and development with some big cosmetics companies. Cannabis catechol is the raw material of some skin care products in Europe and America. It has good effects on anti-aging, whitening, acne removal and cell regeneration.

Hanma Investment Group concentrates on one thing. We are more focused on the research and development of upstream, midstream and application technology of industrial hemp. It is not the advantage of Hanma Group to push a variety of fast consumables to the terminal retail market. We will find some companies that are able to and willing to differentiate and upgrade, and use the channel advantages of their traditional industries to develop together.

In China, marijuana in the form of entertainment is problematic and prohibited. As a Chinese enterprise, Hanma Group opposes the legalization of all forms of entertainment marijuana. We only pursue its industrial and medicinal uses. We will also widely promote the use of fast-consuming products. We will never touch entertainment marijuana.


Dr. V: What is the global industrial prospect of Hanma Investment Group now? What kind of plan will HMI carry out in the future?

Tan Xin: We don’t invest in recreational marijuana. There’s no capital market for recreational marijuana. It belongs to some special countries and regions, and industrial marijuana belongs to the whole world. We have set up a factory in Nevada and obtained a full license for industrial marijuana. We plan to start production in the second half of this year. Hanma Group will also get a license in Canada this year to improve the development in North America. Relying on Canadian federal cannabis law, American federal industrial cannabis law, and Chinese industrial cannabis law, Hanma Group accounts for almost one-third of the world’s most cannabis consumable market, with a population of about 17.8 billion, which is our first step in the plan.

The second step is in Europe. For example, in Germany and Britain, the grow of vapes is also very fast, so our strategic direction will be developing there and promote products.


Dr. V: We noticed that you also used iQOS’s heat not burn product. Do you have any feelings or suggestions about this product after using it?

Tan Xin: I’m also designing a product that specializes in hemp heat not burn. Heating cannabis without burning is also the preferred direction of tobacco giants in the world. Now we can see how much tar is on the packages of cigarettes. Our products are made from cannabis leaves. It can also clearly indicate the content of CBD and THC, or only contain CBD. This requires classification and superb technology. Industrializing agricultural products like marijuana can complete what I said. Firstly, all the ingredients of hemp should be separated and then reassembled to make this kind of tobacco. This is much more complicated than the ordinary vapes, but the experience will be more than the ordinary vapes. Large international tobacco companies have visited our factories and are hopeful to cooperate with Hanma Investment Group, because only we have the technology and ability to separate and restructure agricultural products. This product will be more competitive in the future market.

At the end of the interview, Tan Xin told Dr. V’s readers: “I hope the development of the cannabis industry, the application of cannabis bisphenol, in the field of electronic cigarettes, is not only a process for us to enjoy entertainment, but also to enjoy health.” This is the hope for every vapor, and also a good vision for the combination of vapes with the CBD industry.

Why CBD vape oil gets popular in the European and American markets?

With the medical efficacy of CBD (or cannabisdiol) being confirmed, a wave of “legalization of industrial marijuana” has been launched around the world, and e-cigarette has become one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to use CBD in Europe and America.

Although the use of CBD through e-cigarettes has been shown to provide users with more biological activity than the “edible” or “oral” approach (the user can absorb more CBD), since the CBD does not have any “Excited” function, why can it become the mainstream product of emerging consumption in overseas markets?

At present, there are a large number of research opinions around the world to support the positive effects of CBD on various diseases and symptoms. In this article, Vape hk will present the research records and benefits of using the CBD.

What is the impact of using CBD oil?

CBD is a compound found in cannabis plants that can be extracted from cannabis or industrial cannabis and processed into food, medicine or vape juice for electronic cigarettes.

The most common effects of CBD are “relaxation”, “the alleviation of pain”, “the alleviation of anxiety” and “improvement of emotions”. According to a study conducted in mice, CBDs can cause fatigue or lethargy at higher doses, but at small doses, they can produce the opposite effect of alertness.

When using CBD vape oil, you will feel a more pronounced response than using an oral spray or food. The following are the most common effects associated with CBD oil:

● Relax and comfort

● relieve pain

● Reduce anxiety

● Emotional improvement

● sleepiness (high dose) / alertness (low dose)

CBD research and medical value

CBD does not have the psychoactive effect of THC, and its medical value is very high. Many studies have confirmed that CBD is used for different symptoms, and has pharmacological effects such as antispasmodic, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and pain relief.

1. Epilepsy
Brazilian studies in 1973 showed that the CBD actively reduced or prevented convulsions in rodents. This was confirmed by another study conducted a year later, which showed that epilepsy patients who received 200 to 300 mg of CBD per day had fewer seizures.

One of the most well-documented examples is that a young girl named Charlotte Figi suffers from Dravet’s syndrome (severe myoclonus epilepsy), a rare disease with a common drug treatment. She then received a very special drug treatment called the CBD strain called Charlotte’s Web. At present, Charlotte lives a healthy life, her seizures are greatly reduced from about 300 times a week to two or three times a month.

In June 2018, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the launch of the Epidiolex product, a CBD drug used to treat patients with epilepsy 2 years of age and older. Epidiolex was the first FDA-approved CBD drug, and the drug significantly reduced the frequency of seizures in a study of double-blind in 120 subjects (both testers and subjects were not aware of the trial).

2. Insomnia
One of the most common effects of CBD is mild sleepiness, especially when used at higher doses. A study conducted in the 1970s reported the sleep-inducing effect of CBD in rodents.

In people with insomnia, it has been shown that taking CBD at a dose of about 160 mg increases sleep time. In non-insomnia patients, a similar effect was observed at high doses approaching 600 mg. In the case of microdoses, it has been studied that CBD can promote alertness rather than cause lethargy.

3. Anxiety
A number of studies have been conducted to show that CBD can effectively treat anxiety disorders. Studies using magnetic resonance imaging and single photon emission computed tomography have confirmed the anxiolytic effects of CBD on the brain. In addition, according to a study conducted on rats, the mood regulation of CBD can also be used to treat depression. The researchers believe that CBD may treat other forms of anxiety disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

4. Mental illness
A study in 1982 showed that CBD can suppress symptoms associated with mental illness. It has been observed that patients in South African psychiatric hospitals have reduced frequent episodes of psychosis when treated with low levels of CBD. There are also studies showing that even in healthy individuals, CBD can help reduce the symptoms of psychosis.

In 1995, a case study showed that CBD is also a safe and effective alternative to schizophrenia. This has led researchers to believe that the CBD can help reduce the impact of mental illness.

5. Heart disease
Further research on the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD suggests that it can prevent damage from cerebral ischemia, a heart disease that can cause stroke. Other studies on rodents have also demonstrated significant cardioprotective properties of CBD.

6. Diabetes
The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD have led scientists to believe that it can be used as a treatment for type 1 diabetes. There are also studies on “diabetes in mice with diabetes after improvement in the use of CBD.” In addition, recent surveys have observed the effect of CBD on attenuating high glucose.

ISA Science CEO Mark J. Rosenfeld M.S., P.h.D said: “CBD is different from other existing diabetes drugs, and the CBD may actually inhibit, reverse and cure the disease.”

7. Side effects of chemotherapy
Symptoms of nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy are actually the primary treatment targets in early CBD clinical trials. By 1990, a survey showed that more than 44% of members of the American Society of Clinical Oncology recommended the use of CBD for at least one chemotherapy patient, as studies in rats have shown the notion that CBD is equally effective in treating these symptoms.

8. Antioxidant and neuroprotective effects
A study in the late 1990s pointed out how CBD reduces hydroxide-induced oxidative damage, which means that CBD is an effective antioxidant and neuroprotective agent. Other studies that have been performed have also shown that CBD may have therapeutic potential for Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

9. Anti-inflammatory effects
Several reports have shown the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD in mouse experiments. The data emphasizes that CBD can be an effective treatment for arthritis due to its immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory effects. It has also been found to be effective in treating contraction of the sciatic nerve.

Last year, many NBA stars entered the CBD industry, hoping that the NBA would agree to use the CBD as a substitute for traditional painkillers to reduce the sequelae of athletes after taking painkillers.

In summary, although the two brothers, CBD and THC, are the same roots, they have very different effects on the human body. As more and more countries legally and recognize the medical value of the CBD, coupled with the introduction of various disease treatment research, I believe that even if they are the same cannabis products, the public can make rational judgments.

Of course, even if the medical value of the CBD is higher, it is necessary to pay attention to the use restrictions according to the national conditions. In China, the CBD does not allow private import and manufacture, and only state-approved manufacturers can manufacture CBD related products. However, at present, domestic manufacturers do not have permission to produce CBD oil, so vaper should not accidentally touch the legal red line in order to use the CBD, resulting in irreparable regret in prison.